Thursday, November 26, 2015

Animals love Christmas tooI

I love the idea of animals getting into the Christmas spirit.And why not they are God's creatures too!!!!!! I got these little plates years ago at some after Christmas sale they were a set of only three but never did anything with them except hang them on the wall. This year I got the idea what if the animals got to get in the fun?

The napkins are paw prints with tiny little paw print, fish and  and a mouse as the napkin rings

The treats won't be cookies oh no my cats wouldn't eat them anyway.But a big bowl of cat nip served up with side orders of catnip stuffed mice YUM what a nice treat. Yes they will get the traditional food in a can but letting them have oodles of catnip is just to much fun to watch. 

Big glasses of water to wash it all down and hey they don't need silverware what would a cat do with that? but spreaders to spread their pate yes that works.

Mommy cat watches over the proceedings with her kittens napping.She's very stylish wearing a scarf I told you Seattle is cold. 

Each plate depicts a different cat in different scarves

Their friend the little black scotty dog wanted to get in on the fun.(I don't think he will like the catnip treats or the mice though)

There's ornaments to play with too and some stuffed santa toys to throw around. Hey they do all kinds of crazy stuff after a bout of catnip.

The Scotty is unimpressed

They are ready to join in the season delight if the ornaments on the tree weren't  enough entertainment to play with or the silver tinsel and garlands everywhere.

I don't know about you but with four Siamese cats under one my roof they can get into alot of mischief.

Even this little trio look like trouble

While visions of sugar plums oops I mean catnip plump mice dance in their heads.

Well I let them play and enjoy themselves come on its only catnip joy what harm can they do?RIGHT??????????????

Well mommy kitty says she'll take care of this  group for me not to worry.yea right .Have a good week  love to you and your four legged pets.They make our lives extra special.Susie


  1. I have three cats that would love to join in on the fun at your house for the holidays. You really know what the kitties want! This table is delightful! I love all of the kitty touches you added to make this tablescape so special.

    Happy holidays dear lady.... Hugs, Candy

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  3. Candy it's so good to hear from you thank you for commenting we have to think for our little furry friends at Christmas don't we my cats are my kids now and mean the world to me.Susie

  4. Oh this is Purrrfect!
    we have a family of rescue cat and they would be so jealous if they saw this-

  5. the cats have found the big bowl of catnip on the table .I know this because when I come out in the morning there are footprints of catnip across the table and the snow has miraculously traveled everywhere.Susie

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