Saturday, January 23, 2016

Need a bit of Sunshine

First I want to give a heartfelt Prayer for all the people going thru the blizzard  conditions on the East Coast. I pray you all stay safe and stay at home as much as possible.You all need some sunshine  just Like we do here in the Northwest.
We have had so much rain here.I'm not complaining just stating facts. Everybody said it rains alot in Seattle and I have to be very thankful it is not snow. but a little
 bit of sunshine every once in a while would surely be nice to offset the constant rain.So I created a table that would let me imagine sunshine.

I received these teapot napkin rings from a friend over a year ago and just haven't had the right time to use them. But when I came up with this tables color theme they were my inspiration.I layered cobalt blue on top of yellow chargers that totally look like the sun.

Yellow and blue always go together like the sun and sky

I combined yellow and blue flatware to offset the blue glassware

Yellow and blue candles make you feel warm and welcome especially on a cold dreary rainy day.

I added little yellow beads that represents the little spots of sunshine that occasionally pop thru

Pretty yellow flowers to brighten any day.

I used bowls for the centerpiece instead of my usual cake plates

Well I hope I brightened some of your day. wishing you all a very safe week. try to capture little sparkles of sunshine wherever you can.

Soon We will welcome Spring and all that beautiful Sunshine. So find yours whether in a smile,a giggle from a child, the kindness of a stranger. a beautiful quote from the Bible, a sticky note from a coworker with a happy smile on it,a wave from someone on a bike.Find your little bit of sunshine wherever you can  and hold onto that sparkle it gave you all day.In these long days of winter we need to find our own little pockets of sunshine. they are truly gifts to enjoy. Be warm,be safe.come by and join us at the blogs where we are all seeking little Joys from life like at Between Naps on the porch, Home is where the boat is , Funky Junk Interiors, Ivy and Elephants. pink polka dot and so many more.Have a great week .Love Susie

Monday, January 18, 2016

Pink and Black Creation

I created this table with something a little bit different. I used pink and black as my color theme and made the centerpiece out of napkins instead of flowers. With all the rain in Seattle this winter flowers are not in abundance so I made my own creation and added some pink jewels as bling

I used these adorable plates I've had for awhile they are for cookie ,pastry,cupcake ,and cake  and I shared them with my pink floral favorites with black chargers.I used green sherbet dishes and pink depression glass glassware.

I added black beaded feather napkin rings to push it over the edge of different.

The material is my inspiration piece. This has so many beautiful colors and patterns in it I could do multiple tables in all the different colors

I love these cute plates seeing as I am a pastry Chef these are a real joy to use and display

I hope your week is going well. We have had so much rain here I'm waiting for the Arc to appear

The sage green would be lovely to work with  also hmmm maybe next time.

I alternated sage green napkins and pink ones

This is my favorite pink milk glass cake plate I love the scalloped edging

These green sherbet glasses were a thrift store treasure the day after Christmas sale only 29 cents apiece.

Well I hope this week finds you all safe and warm and less cold,rainy windy or icy where ever you are.drink lots of fluids and avoid people who are sick.coping with flu s whilecold and rainy just makes you miserable.So have a nice cuppa whatever hot cocoa,tea good ole Starbucks or even a shot of Irish Creme.Whatever you find comfort in.Snuggle down and be good to to all of you Susie.enjoy some of the great blogs out there like Between Naps On the Porch, Confessions of a serois DIY, Ivy and Elaephants.Join us for Link up parties too. You will love it.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

little old litehouse

Sometimes an idea will come into your head and until you get it out it's just gonna keep playing thru your mind like an old movie reel.

That 's what this table did to me it kept replaying thru my mind all thru the Holidays

I had purchased these plates about a year ago from the thrift store and the blue charger plates also from a thrift store but they had Pier One tags on them for $19.99 each but were only 2,99 for all three at the thrift store.So I bought them knowing I would use them soon.I envisioned a beachy theme with my love of a Lighthouse. well I had the plates, found the napkin rings,but couldn't find a litehouse to save the life of me.I looked for months and then saw this one in the broken box at Good Will it was so ugly and battered but I knew a little paint would make it at least presentable.

So as soon as it was clear to take away the holiday decor I set on making this table come together and out of my head

Each plate is unique as the Lighthouses on our coasts are all individual and unique and there are no two same lite houses in the Us

Each one is unique because each one had a pacific duty so they made each one different

some guarded our shores, some protected our inner coast ways, some to warn of the shoals that were out there.

but most of them after a few years of playing guardians become obsolete and were shut down

Lighthouses are beautiful to explore and most are museums now. 

I love to find old Lighthouses out on a deserted beach. you can just imagine how tough the life was for the keeper of the light especially during a storm

There would be buoys and shells and all kind of neat treasures around the beach to find

What did they do for hours on end there were no tv s to entertain them, no netflix to watch, no computers or phones to play on?

But yet they kept our shores and coastlines safe and secure.Fisherman coming home  would be welcomed by the beacon of light after a long day at sea.So I made this I guess to honor those who went to sea to protect us and to those who shone a light to bring them home.Shine a light for someone be that source of Joy returning to a safe haven.Have a great week my friends I'll be joining Between naps on the porch,Design Enthusisam,home is where the boat is ,confessions of a serious dyi,and so many great Susie

Monday, January 11, 2016

New look for Etargere

Hello everybody I hope your new Years is off to a great start. over the New year  I decided to give my old brown etargere a new start on life.When I purchased this piece several years ago It was my first intro to Thrift store furniture

Even my hutch got anew look after the Holidays 
I added this little shelf found at a thrift store day after Christmas for only $1.99
with the door hinges hanging off scuff marks and scratches everywhere and really ready for garage heap. But it was senior day and only $7.00 so I borrowed a truck and decided to give it a new home. I took the rotted doors off gave it good sanding and polished the wood and the old girl started shining thru.

But for five years that's all I did for it.I have been wanting to give her a new facelift and finally went for it

So I sanded her down again and gave her a new paint job .YEah now you can actually see what's inside her
You can see my individual vignettes within and my collections
Now you can see the items within and don't have to look like you are looking into dark hole.  
I think she looks splendid and fits my room so much better. have a good week join us at all the great blogs out there.Susie
teacups and lace look so much better with light