Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Sayin Goodbye

Well I made this table for early Spring and never got to post it. Seeing as I am packed and there is no way I can create a table with just clothes in a suitcase I am going to pull this one out now and use it as a farewell bye bye to California.

We came here in 1979 because of the extreme cold winters in Chicago my oldest son only being two years old. we came for a visit to see if we would like California. Well 36 years later its time to say goodbye.

I made this table with all this beautiful greenery growing around the yard I don't know what it is called but so pretty when in full bloom

I captured little birds popping out everywhere  and used my twig chargers which so look like giant bird nests.

With lace tablecloth and silver runner and these adorable little measuring cups with ladybugs and picket fences so say Spring to me.

For those of you who have followed me and my blog this past year you will note I have had some major upheavals in my life. well  Its about to get upheaved once more. the home that was gifted to me by the wonderful 97 year old man that I was care giver too didn't sit well with his sons.(does anyone spell Greed here) and they did not honor their fathers  wishes instead are literally throwing me out  of their home four months early so I could not save the money that my dear old man nor I were shooting for so I could get deposits for an apartment.

So here is the Quandary I am in stay where I have two jobs but no place to live or move where I have a place to live but no jobs.

 Momma bird looking out for her flock of babies oh there is one she can see him now
The only problem with this lovely solution is the place to live is in Seattle Wa.Two states 685 miles due north.this is all going to happen on June 1st I will pack my baby kitties and my computer and take two days to drive up north. I have two major interview s the days I arrive.

So as I post this pretty spring table I am going to ask all my blogger friends and pals who have sent prayers,well wishes and heartfelt truths that totally did  help pull me together and cope 

To be like these birds and flock together around me. please send your prayers comments well wishes statements of joy Bible verse and any thing else you want to add in helping me trust in a higher power that this is all supposed to come together  and make my life enjoyable filled with laughter joy hope and Love .I've had enough downer time to last several life times and it just wears you out.

So as you glance upon my Green table for spring please keep me in your hearts and prayers. I am so very afraid and so very excited to start life anew. New friends new someone in my life if that is a plan,new sites to see and do new things to explore new careers of what ever I want to do

There are several birds placed in this cage but to me it is a symbol of being trapped on june 1st I that bird in that cage will  be set free to find herself to reach out and find whatever happiness I seek and that will be on this journey with me.

So all my blogger family I need you now please help me find my wings to soar where there is no family .no familiarity, no friend just a desire to live there and BE THERE

Desire so deep that the universe is propelling me there in only twelve days. wish me luck courage and grace oh faith in finding work immediately is a blessing I seek I want to volunteer for special events

so I say Good buy to California my home for 39 years goodby divorce goodby loneliness goodbye crippling emotions and water droughts I'm spreading my wings to the emerald city a city with so much green beauty yes it rains all time seven months a year.BUt I need all of you to encourage me empower me to be come all that I am supposed.Please wish a safe journey, send happy thoughts and let me know not to be scared but to embrace this new life.I love all you bloggers in blog land and I truly need all of you in my life so although I say good buy to California I say HELLO SEATTLE my doors will be forever open if anyone wants to come visit just blog me or email me I will be happy to direct you on over i will be joing Susan at bewteen naps on the porch,funky junk interiors and lets celebrate  linky party. I claim love to all of you beautiful women you whom are strong, empowering, bold, fearless, grammas, hold on tight good so please help me on my nest journey of hope excitement passion and FUN.I LOVE YOU ALL OUT THERE THANK YOU FOR INSPIRING OTHERS like me Susie Holler 

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's HappMother's Day to every one out ther who has been a mother grandmotherday pretty in pink

Happy Mother's Day to any one and every one who has ever been a mother, grandmother, godmother,foster mother or stepmother.

May you each be blessed with the loving memories of your children or your mother before you.Treasure those memories

                                                          Hold these treasured memories close to our hearts  as our children grow up or our mothers grow old we need that connection of Love that binds us all.                                                                                   

We need to feel loved and treasured as the wonderful women we are and have become.through all the Joys,tears hardships and fears, Mothers are truly Gods gifts from heaven.

We are teachers ,nurses, boobboo healers. creators of exploding volcanoes,custume creator, book report maker,cook, cleaners, drivers,companions friends

Everything we do as a mother we put our hearts into from intuition, compassion, tears, and worry.Being a mother gives us so many gifts, and blessings to many to count

 So if you have been loved and cared for taken cared of held and cried over or dried the tears over,held a tiny hand in yours wiped a tear from a sad little face held your own tears back on the first day of school or had to leave that child behind as they went off to college you know you have been loved my a mother. 

The beauty of this table with the softness of pinks reminds me of how every mother has given us sometime in our lives

 mothers see the beauty in everything their children do even if its holding frogs in a mud bucket a mother sees that as gift from her little son.
A mother sees her daughter as the most beautiful creature on this planet

A mothers heart know no bounds when it comes to loving her own mother  or in loving her children

 I made a table soft in pink because I think that is how we see our moms pretty in pinks soft delicate women who were strong as an ox soft as a kitten tough as a box of nails 

 this beautiful rose shabby chic came from my son for Mother's day 
i love it.
 Perfect rose like the love from a mother to their child.ever blooming and growing has some thorns like the thorns we encounter everyday in life,scented and sweet like our babies were ?I will be joing Susan at Between naps on the porchFunky junk interiors,lets join the scoop come out and share with all of us we're moms we won;t judge just love that 's what we do.love to all of you Susie