Saturday, April 30, 2016

Butterflies are fluttering

Here are my lilacs and Angelique pink tinted  tulips I had purchased on my adventure to the tulip fields. They are stunning in color and last about ten days.Definitely worth the price.

Well here are at the end of April it feel s like this month just flew by didn't it? How has every one been?

I wanted to do a table for Butterflies I know its early in the season yet but with all the trees and shrubs in bloom I thought I would get a start on them.

I cut some trees that were blooming outside don't know what they are only that they are pretty and smell good and created a butterfly haven

Even the dragonflies are included

So I hope you like it.

I love all the creatures of spring birds ,bunnies,butterflies even big black ants that have made their way up three flights of stairs to be my cat's entertainment and new play things

butterfly napkins ok I tried

I found this wonderful antiquey plate stand at a antique store and because it was bent and out of shape it was half off. Half off is good and I let it jump into my cart.Oh yea going home with me.

The butterflies have a lacey like effect around the plate and all I had to do was reshape them.Don't you just love a bargain? I do.

Maybe for this luncheon I 'll make finger sandwiches cut in the shape of butterflies and serve dragonfly and butterfly cookies haven't decided yet

with either lavender iced tea or raspberry sprite drinks

Well whatever I do decide to make I'm not going to stress about it.So for this weeks little bite of wisdom let all your worries and troubles fly away like that of a butterfly. they can flutter around us for only so long then they move on to somewhere else just like our worries.Have a great week whatever you do,and if you see a butterfly smile at the pure Joy in it.Catch up with us on some of the great blogs out there,Between Naps on the porch,Home is where The Boat is, Cuisine Kathleen,Bargain decorating with Laurie,Funky Junk Interiors and so many great more.Love Susie 

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Tulips of Washington

Hello all fellow bloggers.This weekI went to a magical place in Washington called ROOZENGAARDE Tulip Fields.Washington produces more tulips than anywhere else in the world yes even Holland but they only bloom in the month  of April.This winter has been extremely high in our rain department and and then we had a week in the 80's which hurt the crop of tulips so season was shorter.

My friend was going to go with me this year but couldn't get off work and due to the shortness of season all the fields had already been deadheaded so I went on the last day of their bloom Pretty spectacular for the last day.there are to many pics to narrate so I just let you see some of the two hundred pics I took.there are over 300 different kinds of tulips  grown here. Enjoy

these ones called Angelica looked like Peonies

lacey frilly ones

The dark purple are so dark they appear to look black

Well I hope you enjoyed them as much as I did like I said it was magical to see all the colors and varieties.Hope You all have a colorful and Joy ful week.Love Susie