Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Fall vignettes

Well now that I have done my Halloween  posts I can move on to my Fall posts
Like everybody else my place has been ready for Fall for a while now but when I decorate for a holiday I do the entire space except I don't have any outdoor spaces to work with 

So this is how I transformed  both my dining and living rooms for  the Autumn season with lots of colors and textures. I love pumpkins in every shape and form and have quite a variety of pumpkins in my various patches through out.

 Here are some grapevine ones great texture on these

my purple hutch even gets set for Fall

this little beauty I just refinished a very old little chair from my Grandfather

                             I used a cupcake stand here filling it with various pumpkins and Fall looks
                                   Here is my cabinet all decked out including a Fall cake plate

                                    What about some plaid pumpkins aren't they cute ?

I filled my trifle bowl with  mini pumpkins in all kinds of materials

Well that's it for my Fall decor now I can start working on my tables but that's for other posts later on have a great week. come join us at between naps on the porch,confessions of a plate addict let's scoop and all the other blogs I  am going to link up with. See ya!Susie

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Happy Candy Corn Halloween

I wanted to post my last Halloween table so I can move on the my Fall scapes Candy corn makes me happy

These marshmallow pops came from the dollar store and are nestled in the napkins waiting to be eaten but afraid the witch will come instead

Maybe if I leave her a trail of goodies she'll fly away

To bad candy corn doesn't come as glass beads I would snatch them up to use right away

This plate has mister skull on it.Did she bring unknown guests?

Is this a picture of where she lives?

I made candy corn pumpkins out of childrens candy corn socks aren't they adorable

I bet she cuddles up with these candy corn napkins at night to use as her blanket

I think I will just invite her for lunch maybe we'll have a good time

she can leave her friend at home it would take a lot of lunches to put some meat on his bones

I set the table with  her favorite colors of black  and orange even gave her a pumpkin placemat just to let her know her place

slow down already quit eating all the appetizers

I made candy corn from bottles ( I Had to finish all the wine before she got to them yep and I enjoyed every drop)

I think it is a nice and cheery table, don't care if my guest  of a witch doesn't like the nice bright sunlight coming through

I like all the oranges and yellows it makes for a Happy Halloween

The big pops of yellow help to just brighten every thing up.

I went to the dollar store and got these candycorn pops just for her kinda like a token to take home with I hope she likes them

well I haven't decided on a menu yet I  mean what do you serve a witch and her guests when they suddenly just pop in?
does this just shout happy to you

candy corn pops YUM

well I hope the table is to her liking  and that we have a nice lunch together

just some pics of the whole table

Well I hope you have enjoyed my Happy Candy corn table and hopefully it brought a smile on your face. Keep smiling no matter what life throws at you sometimes it will make people wonder what your up to. And you don't have to tell them.have a good week will be joining Susan at Between Naps on the Porch and a few others ..

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Help I'm being over taken

Help I am being invaded my home is running with  spiders galore

witches hats

ravens stealing sparkling baubles

infesting my dining room

look they even packed their bags of stash

left me these nasty notes

left me skull and cross bones and their googly eyes are watching me

spiders are crawling everywhere

look at their eyeballs staring at me creeping me out

now they even took over my beloved cake plates

crawling on the witches hat has she no control?

Is this her daddy of spiders?

How will I eat with them everywhere?

ooh not another message

Is he getting ready to spin a web?

I see another witch has set her hat how many are COMING?

A jar full of these creepy crawlies is creepin me big time

They don't eat pumpkins do they?

Oh look I think one of the witches took pity on me and decided to bring out some whimsy here

He starting to climb up the candle abra

Look out here they come!

On no they have now moved over to my hutch and just moved on in

All these critters are starting to really freak me out

even coming out of my linens

But the black cats will help right won't they eat the spiders and bugs?

They don't seem to be slowing down at all

maybe this will scare them off

I think I have found the queen witches's hat maybe I can stop her from here

now they are crawling up my walls and using my dishes to get there EEK

Is this the other's mate or are we starting with more again?

This has got to be the mother lode Maybe If I steal her hat maybe she'll take her friends with her.

They haven'/t gotten to my polka dotted pumpkins maybe these are safe.

It looks like they have fully taken over maybe all I can do is move out

On the plates as well there goes my appetite

I am not drinking here tonight

I really had loved this cake plate

I need to get new plates after this invasion

they are staring at me can you see it?

they are just running amok thru my house what do I do ? Well I can Always go shopping for some bug spray.Have a great week I will be joining Susan At Between Naps on the Porch this week and answering Kathleen's challenge of a purple tablescape at Cuisine Kathleen hope you can join us and have fun.