Thursday, September 22, 2016

shiny Fall table

Happy Fall

Hello bloggers hows your first week of Fall going for you?Ok I know today is the first day of Autumn but hasn't it been looking or feeling like Fall for a little while now?

I wanted to do a Fall table with some bling and wow factor so I pulled out my silvery stuff and came up with this one.

I don't like gold at all and literally have nothing in gold tones what so ever in my home. Now silver I like so why not do a silver Fall scape.I mean there's no rule saying I can't is there?

With silver and white pumpkins and leaves 

I'm posting this a week before I take my much anticipated trip to Uganda Africa next Friday. I won't be back to post again till mid October and then will have to jump into Halloween right away.

But I wanted to celebrate the beginning of such a beautiful season Fall. and all the glorious colors.Seattle is magnificent in her colors of Fall.

I hope you all are experiencing some of what nature has to show us. weather or colors or both.Enjoy this time. 

Hope you all have a great week.will share pics when I return. For now here are my bags and a stash of baking goods I am taking with.

My bags are packed and ready to go
I got baking pans, assorted spices ,flour baking powder and puddings, cocoa powder all kinds of stuff I think I can teach with.
Just some pics of Fall in my town.

Monday, September 12, 2016

First Fall tablescape of 2016

Seattle is ablaze in color.!!!! I thought last year was spectacular this year is going to blow it out of the Park.
Hello everybody how has the week been for you? I've been very busy at work what with our opening game day of the Seattle SeaHawks first season game. It's alot of work prepping food for the 78000 fans that showed up yesterday.We had beautiful Fall temps in the high 60's great for a Football game.

The colors are changing so quickly here in the Northwest it seems even though we have literally a week to go of summer Mother Nature has other plans.I didn't know it could ever look this good. From reds and yellows interspersed with such different greens its just a gorgeous show of colors so pleasing to the eyes.

I decorated my apt with Fall decor already, when I get back from my trip to Uganda I will have only 15 days to enjoy Halloween decorations so decided to enjoy the colors of Fall for a while.Doesn't it seem once we pull out the Fall decor then Halloween stuff then Harvest and Thanksgiving we move right into the Christmas decorating? I know most of us do.It seems our homes won't be back to nothing again till mid January then we jump right in to Valentine's stuff.

There is such a variety of color range in the Fall months your traditional oranges and reds and yellows but so many more.Your jewel tones, golds, greens, whites, burgundies, browns , cremes,no wonder we all love to decorate this time of year. 

I love all the community events ,lantern festivals, carvings, Farmers markets with all the varieties of gourds and pumpkins, the smells in the air, the leaves falling everwhere.One of my fondest memories of Fall ever was when my son had an assignment in science class to stand in front of a tree and catch as many falling leaves  in the air before they hit the ground.It was like watching a magical dance to see if he could catch them or would they fall faster than he could catch them to the ground.

I Love when the pots of homemade soup come out and warm apple cider and the apple and pear pies get baked and the house is filled with wonderful luchiness  smells.When you go out to pumpkin farms and corn mazes or pick a bunch of pine cones off the ground and use as decorations.

When fires get lit and coziness  begins before the smell of the fire.When you pull out the winter blankets and put them under the covers to start keeping warm

About the only thing I don't like about Fall are the days getting shorter and shorter.Couldn't we have Fall with longer days like summer  to enjoy it just a little longer?

Up here in the Puget sound even the beaches take on a different hue.The sunsets become more vivid and the glow and reflections of the colored trees on the water is a site to behold.

When I have time off from work I love to go exploring and see parts of Washington I haven't seen yet.Last week I drove to Mt St Helen's to view the Mt. I explored Olympia our capital, went to Edmonds for the first time, went back to a real cute town called Bothell, explored a montage of antique stores in Snohomish, hit the beach a couple of times and tackled the thrift stores for finds to take on my trip.Seeing as I have been asked to teach baking classes I had a field day buying cooking and baking items to take with on my  trip.Thrift stores are a gold mine for finding treasures for baking pans,most of them are already seasoned too.
But I'm gonna share my stash next week along with my packing skills.Didn't know I could roll and pack so well.Clothes I mean  not me roll that would be quite funny  to watch.

We are going to be quite busy at work.The Sounders are winding down ,the SeaHawks are winding up, lots of concerts ending and harvest and Fall shows coming so I'm going to be very busy right up till I leave.

So I 'm just going to wind down now.

I love decorating my mantel .I probably won't ever use my fireplace but love playing with the mantel

So here is my place all done for Fall hope you enjoy it.

Well hope you all have a great week out there, be careful driving don't get sidetracked and be looking at all the magnificent scenery and changing colors around you and certainly don't text about it either .I'll be joining all the great blogs out there with all there wonderful decorating tips and recipes and ideas to share come join Between Naps on the Porch, May days, Home is where the Boat is, Kathy'sCastle and so many more bye.Love Susie

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Labor Day and beginnings of Fall

Happy Labor Day everybody.Could someone please tell me where did August Go?If ever a month flew by this is the one this year.

I created a combo table of saying goodbye to summer and beachy wonder with red white and blue for Labor Day.

It was hard putting away the summer theme. But here in Seattle we have had such a mild summer with only ten days the entire summer of temps above the 75 degree mark and the leaves are already turning on the trees.Does this mean an early Fall?

I 've had a very busy summer.My son graduated from Dive Tech school and took a job in Massachusetts , Family and friends came up from California ,we had a great four days together.Work has been very busy at the stadium.We just got done working a 15 day cycle with no days off. Then in free time devoting my time in preparations for my Mission trip to Uganda on Sept 30.I'm so excited and already packed. And I have been asked to teach the children how to Bake.When the team Captain found out I was a Pastry Chef he asked if I would be interested in teaching Baking while there!!!!!!!YEEEEEEEES

So I made a table with Lighthouses and sand and sea grass and seashells and other stuff that would wash ashore on a beach.

We have this wonderful beach very near my house that I go to all the time it's right on the Puget Sound and has the most beautiful driftwood that covers the beach.Lots of this stuff like all the grasses really came from there 

I wanted to really make it look like stuff just washed ashore(I didn't want any trash though)

So goodbye Dear August and the sweet beach of summer

Some of the things we got to do were go to see Mt Rainier .It was such a beautiful day and the Mt was in his glory.When I went there in May all the green was still covered in snow.I didn't even know there were trees, trail,s or grass and wildflowers like crazy. 

The air up there is so magical and full  of freshness.Such a magnificent view it takes your breath away.
I captured these while driving today and just gawked at the change in the trees and leaves already. I know its not a good picture taken from the car but was just trying to capture the color as I rode by.

Well as we head into Fall and getting rid of Summer the Littles are all back in school so please be extra careful while and when driving. Enjoy the shorter days and cooler nights and watch as the beauty starts to unfold it's glory of colors in the next couple of weeks. I love the Fall in the Northwest.The array of colors is breathtaking.Mother Nature really goes all out in her displays. Have a great week.Love Susie