Tuesday, December 29, 2015


An evening  of  silver and gold to Celebrate and bring in a New Year.

To Dream or Wish to Pray and Hope

To think about the time we have .Do we use it wisely or is it always elusive and just slips thru our fingers?

Time tick tock tick tock can I grasp it and hold it it within my hands?in my mind?

Do I have enough ?or not enough?Is it here now or have I already Lost it?

I ponder time alot. Is it well spent? Did we have to earn it?Did we use it wisely or candidly waste it?

Did we march to our own Time or walk a different path in and thru time?

Did we laugh enough this year, love as often as we could?

Were we filled with envy  and pain and didn't allow the Time to grieve or heal well?

Did we spend enough time with our children give them quality Time or stick them in front of a tv  for time together?

Did we use our time well enough for our finances did we enjoy our off Time to play or we too exhausted?

How much Time did we spend complaining,worrying,fretting about something?

So as this year winds down to a close I think about the time and events happening in my life this past year.How I so felt lost and out of control that I wasnt doing things right or it wasnt the right Time.

But in reality we never have enough Time.To Love play be happy or spend the right Time with someone we LOVE

So my thoughts turn to this. I don't make New Years resolutions because frankly I never keep them. But I am going to give myself the gift of Time. To reflect on all the gifts we have ,all the beauty that surrounds us the wonders of Life as it unfolds 

Its been a pretty bad year for lots of us I can't believe some of the stuff I had to endure this year.But with Time I got thru them and became stronger. As I know you did too.

This year forget the resolutions we aren't going to keep and make but doing something better. 

Give yourself some greatly earned Time.Time to relax Time to reflect,Time to unwind and destress after all the holiday stuff is over.Time for that new game to play with your grandson you bought him for Christmas, Time to have that perfect Tea party with  your little niece.Time to take it all in and ENJOY. So my wish to all of you in blogland is Have a great Time this year and may 2016 be the best Time you have ever had Happy New Year to all of you Im joining Between Naps on the porch . Confessions of a serial do it your selfer, design enthusiasm.and so many wonderful blogs out there.Love Susie

Tuesday, December 22, 2015


Merry Christmas Everybody are we all in that whirl wind rush right before the Great Day? I've been working so much I just haven't had time to catch my breath. I had one day off in 15 days and knew I had to get some things DONE like cookie baking and wrapping presents.

And I had to squeeze in one more table before Christmas too so this one is going to be about the pics not the captions

I got these little salad plates of Old fashioned Santa Clauses at Home Goods and although I have three sets of Santa plates these were to special to pass up.I have Santas whispering on the table,little Santas at each place setting  Santa cookie cutters to go with the wrapped platters of cookies  

Each little Santa is different and unique

Wrapped delivered and all set for this year.yea I got the presents done too now to just vacuum and clean and I think I finally got  it all done.

This guy jumped in my basket at a Good will couple of years ago he was 75% off and when you cost 75 cents he I mean it found a new home.

My cake plate holds the Holiday cheer with charms like Giggle, Believe, Love and  celebrate.

Santas Napkin rings look just like his belt

Merry Christmas to all of you ,I wish you a wonderful day filled with LOVE, New memories and JOY. Happy Birthday JESUS .To everyone drive safe cuddle lots and spread the Happiness of this day. From Seattle to wherever you are I send tidings of good Joy and I love you all.Su

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

A Christmas Sparkle

Happy Sparkly Christmas to all of you. I don't know what has gotten in to me lately but I 'm getting big on Bling Bling.I 'm usually the low key shabby chic kinda of girl but this week (ok last month  for Thanksgiving also and I did just name my new car Bling) I want lots of sparkly. 
I don't go for
 glam and jewels at all but setting a real pretty table just makes you have a little more Joy and excitement in your life
So with the help of my roomie I pulled all the sparkly in my house I could find.

I borrowed her silver reindeer and let them prance all over my dining room table. they had fun and made a mess in the snow

Snowballs were added and If I could turn all the rain we have had into snowballs trust me I would have.

Even the ice cubes gave off their sparkle

And the wine glasses too.

the candles are lit to make the evening more special

silver and Lamee napkins for added Bling

 This looks like I want to stay and linger here like fantasy land
 He's got to be Prancer cuz he looks like he's prancing thru  the snowballs

 Are you adding some bling to Your Christmas this year?. I have bling on my mantel bling on my table and a woodland theme on my tree with lots of snow and animals aplenty.
Well we are down to the last two weeks countdown. Are you ready? all your decorating done? how about presents are they wrapped and hidden? how about all the goodies to make did you finish? I haven't,  sometimes I wonder how we are to do it all in one day If we could just do CHRISTMAS and not the every day stuff don't you agree we could get it all done?Well wherever you are at at his time  I hope you take time for yourself. Give yourself a well deserved pat on the back for accomplishing everything you have done . Go ahead. Do it it's OK you deserve it Have a wonderful week and God bless you all. the roads are crowded and horrible due to nasty weather so please be safe where ever you need to get to. Again this week I'll be joining all the great bloggers at all the super great blogs come over and have some fun.grab a mug of hot cocoa and sit back and relax with some of us at Between naps on the Porch,Ivy and Elephants, Join the Scoop, Extraordinary Day, Home is where the Boat is and so many more.buy love to all of you.Susie