Saturday, December 5, 2015

Is it winter yet?

BRR R!. It's cold in the Northwest.

Seattle got hit with its first winter storm. we had Snow at only 1000 ft.level and it stuck. we had winds up to 112 miles per hour ,sleeting rain and temps never got got above 43 degrees.I am not nor was I expecting this. Hi everybody how was all your Thanksgiving? I hope you all had memorable times

I wanted to do  a snowflake theme using teal and silver and being stuck home in the rain all day with power outages it decided to come together as a new table and hutch design.

I sprinkled that fake snow stuff everywhere. and where I didn't sprinkle it ,it still went everywhere. LOL

So for my roommate and I  we are going to have a dessert night using snow as our backdrop. I made apple turnovers for us and they are going on the snowflake plates . Psst she doesn't know we are going to have a dessert night.

I'm pulling out my snowflake chargers both on the bottom and little ones for the top.the blue snowflake organza under the plates is material from the Frozen movie at Walmart boy was this stuff hard to find.It always sold out faster than they could stock it.

With silver snowflake organza napkins and a silver glittery snowflake napkin ring I think this just says Snow to me.what do you think?And a tree crystal spoon so we can get every drop of the ice cream I will put over the hot turnovers YUM!!

The ice skates joined also but will later be spruced up and hung on my tree but although they look kinda bare they go along with the snow look.

 The hutch is all decked out for winter. do not mind the clutter under my hutch.that is the ornaments I have been working on for my tree and just have no room to store them.Just like the previous brown cord.

 Dessert is ready I will pour us some sparkling cider to go with our turnovers

 Why hasn't someone invented smell a vision yet ?these really are so worth smelling.
 I wish my photography skills were better and you would be able to see the snowflake pattern on the edge of these dinner plates. So soft and subtle at first glance they look like a floral border trim but are really snowflakes.

What doesn't look good under glass? finding the right color blue has been quite the task.It seems I am a year late in jumping on the ice blue color and looked for two months before I found just the right ice blue to fit.

Here is my snowflake cake stand isn't she a beaut? I can use her all winter too.

 Well we are all set boy will she be surprised when she gets home and I tell her forget dinner we are having Dessert instead.I hope she gets a kick out of it.

 You can see the pattern on the cake plate with the embossed snowflakes. I purchased this last year and was lucky that it wasn't one of the ones that got broke in moving.
The candles are lit and ready to dig in to our desserts.

I also have these adorable little snowflake  plates .I only found two of them but knew these would be a tablescape one day.

Well that's it for me for the week. now that we are coming upon Christmas I can't wait for all the delish eye candy that we will see. But all that behind us  we need to forever remember why we have Christmas at all.And that is celebration of  our Savior coming. I love this time of year when we get to celebrate and rejoice that we are alive thru Him by having Christmas.What pure Joy. So I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and can move into December with Love and gratitude for  this coming season. To share with our families and loved watch  the children s eyes light up, to enjoy the hustle and bustle, the food ,family songs and the meaning of Christmas.Have you a had a taste of winter yet?Has temps dipped way done already? how about some snow yet? what ever your December starts with I hope you enjoy.Love to everyone.Susie .The blogs are so full of ideas, recipes decorating you'll have to join us and see come on over to Between Naps on the Porch,Candlelite your Supper,Ivy and Elephants, Design Enthusiasm, The Magic Hutch. And so many more .It's just so much fun.

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  1. Oh my, where do I start. You really do have many beautiful things. You have done a beautiful job on decorating your mantle. I love the Nativity, how beautiful and classic. I see some adorable cake plates in your collection. And... your tree is wonderfully decorated. I could go on and on. Oh and your napkins and snowflake napkin rings are so elegant. I hope you enjoy your Christmas season. You are really talented and have some truly gorgeous items with which to decorate. Your friend, Valerie


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