Monday, October 24, 2016

Africa and Halloween

Hello everybody I am back from Uganda Africa. It was the trip of a life time. It changed my heart forever and I was sobbing on the day we had to leave.My group kept asking me are you gonna get on the bus and I kept saying I don't know.This is uber version of taxicab

Amsterdam in all her shining glory,what a fabulous city.Did the canal tou 

Bread of wall at Amsterdam airport.I'll take the second from the right please yes that would be from the top

Ugly Jack fruit can only be cut down when fruit is over two feet long.In side is pure sliminess like  ghost buster have to wash off the slime then open the fruity pods, texture like papaya but nasty tasting its where juicy fruit gum comes from

oranges and bananas yes green very ripe oranges

teaching baking classes here with creme puffs,adaptation 101

baboons on way to safari.

double rainbows over Murchison Falls

tried to pet this family of wart hogs but they weren't interested

Sunrise over African plain at 5 am

Trip up the River Nile to bottom of Falls .River filled with crocs and hippos 
These are the children we took on their first Safari

The only Female Executive Chef in the country of Uganda at the five star Lake Victoria Hotel.She gave me an hour long tour of her kitchen and staff .Priceless.Thanks Florence
Upon arrival after a 23 hour flight home and a good night sleep I jumped in on my Halloween decorations

It seems the witch landed on top of my hutch instead the ground.(maybe a little too tipsy?)

candy corn theme here, maybe she ate to many and had a sugar crash

wow she lost her shoes all over the place

She is one crazy shoe less witch

Ouch I bet this hurt

the hutches seem to be filled with that witches touches

She even hung her clothes up to dry.

Well Winnie sure is having the last laugh as she watches over the antics of this witch.Well I hope you enjoyed some pics of my trip.I took over 700 pics and it would take weeks to show them all.Wishing you all a Happy Halloween.Be extra careful of the Littles this year the nights are getting shorter and darker.I have to jump back in to all the amazing blogs again.It seems like forever since I posted.Love Susie