Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Oo la la Just because

I had a really depressing week, do you ever get on of those where it seems nothing is going right?I was changing over my decor from Fall to Christmas and I love both holidays and can't wait when each one comes.I can't wait to decorate and bring out all the warm Fall colors,then switch out to all the brights of Christmas.

But during this change out I got to some deep thinking how the seasons change and our lives just stay the same.The days just blend from one to another and become rote doing the same routine everyday

I wanted a little Ooh lala  just for me before the hustle of the Holidays were upon us.

So I decided to host a Girls night out party with fun makeup some glam and while we're at it lets dream of going to Paris why not? 

I had seen these shoes at Pier one for Halloween and thought I could turn them into napkin rings. then Walmart came out with their Christmas stash and they offered these wonderful little shoe ornaments how cute are they?Well I am not into shoes honestly I own three pairs but these were just to cute to pass up 

So my table of girls glam started to take shape in my mind and I decided to make a change in my life just like the seasons and added alittle excitement and polish before The baking,the shopping,the wrapping the decorating the spending. before it all begins 

My centerpiece was a three tiered cake stand with this lovely silhouette, some eiffel towers
some pearls and of course some feather boas.


                                                  The good china came out come on its a glitzy night

 I found this gorgeous pink beaded shawl at GW and knew it would go on my table It is so delicate and soft looking.
for a charger I copied pics of the Eiffel Tower on line printed them stained them with a tea dye to get them old and sepia looking put them in an old frame I had and started my stack of dishes with them.
Here is my shoe collection aren't they just too cute? don't know what I am going to do with them after my glam table but I'll figure it out.

Each place setting had it's own special shoe and coasters of mirrors(for compacts) and nail polish and some,some makeup treats that each guest could take home.

I switched out the white lace napkins for pink satin just to add a little more glam

With the Holidays here sometimes we have to take the time and do something special for ourselves. Soon we will be doing so much for others we get lost in the shuffle.we all have busy lives and our roles as Mothers ,teachers, nurses, cooks, providers whatever you do for others in the space of your day take even just a few seconds of day to relax, take a deep breath and breathe in all the goodness the universe has for you. when you can recharge your own batteries you are then much more able to help someone else. Reach out to someone this Holiday and just tell them you love them give them a smile it is the greatest gift we can give another. God bless all of you  I hope your Holidays begin with Love and Joy. And I hope you too can add a little glam to your life. this little table was fun and gave me the energy to start my holiday fully charged.I will be joining Between naps on the porch, Just the scoop come join us. See you there Susie

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

thanksgiving week

Here it is  Thanksgiving week. I have to work that day and will be celebrating on Wednesday instead. there is only going to be three of us nothing big or special.

I set this table in greens and browns and really kept it kind of simple

 I have three harvest boxes I love and raised them up on green and brown cake plates

added some velvet pumpkins and leaves and magnolia pods(my version of pinecones San Diego) 

dinner will be a small affair I won't be doing  the big turkey but just a little turkey roast with all the fixings

 I can't wait to start on my Christmas decor because I wait all year to decorate for this time of year. this year I have a slight problem it seems like my floors have to be re built in my apartment and I am waiting to see when and how long this will take.I don't want to start decorating only to take it all down to empty apt to do floors. What a mess this is going to be.
these little peppermint and candy canes became perfect little cupcake plates I made after seeing them on pinterest
to also add to my peppermint tablescape I will be making

Thrift store finds picked up these Debbie mumm plates four for $4.oo along with these red napkins  and a plate and perfect peppermint candles for my peppermint table at a local thrift store Christmas Bazaar I  scored with all this for 40 percent off aren't these Santa plates cute

Well Thanksgiving will be here  in a week then I know we will all be full speed ahead getting our crafting, decorating ,baking and blogging on for The Christmas Season. So I wish everyone a very happy and warm and loved Thanksgiving. May all of you be blessed with the times you spend with  family and loved ones. love Susie I will be joining Betwwen naps on the porch and lets scoop this week please enjoy your week drive safely if traveling and God bless you all

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

November Bundt challenge

 Hello everybody I have to hope that everyone had 
 a good or even a great week. I couldn't wait
 for Cuisine Kathleen's Bundt cake challenge.
My table has been ready for a week but waited till last 
minute to make my bundts
I used cranberry as my table color inspiration and gathered anything cranberry I could find

 Kathleen said it had to be a coffee theme. Here I put some delicate teacups under glass
Instead if using a cake plate this week I used a tray and wrapped it in a rag swag that I use to decorate and lite my hutch with
 I set the table with  things I bake with spices like cloves and ginger, a mini rolling pin and a micro-mini muffin pan
 my lace napkins with matching napkin rings help to give that rustic country theme I was shooting for.

 my baking tools under glass

this as my nordic mini floral bundt pan I use to make petit fours with 

I love things in small and mini size then I don't have to feel guilty about calories I mean come on if something only takes two bites to eat there can be no calories in two bites RIGHT! 

I collect cookie cutters mostly mini sizes and grabbed them all together and put them on display.

I have these mini bundt pans that I use .I have several large ones but these are great size individual portions I can pop in the freezer what is not used and won't get wasted on a huge cake.

My bundt cake that I chose is double chocolate with oreo filling with whipped cream topping and chocolate spirals to top them off.I was going to go with a spice cake but sometimes a  girl just have to have her chocolate and nothing else can take it's place

Well here is my my bundt cake challenge hope yours is as fun to make and eat as mine was. Enjoy! Even though Thanksgiving is only two weeks away please stop and take some time for your self. Just stand outside and take a deep Breath of that beautiful Fall air. Fill your senses with all the wonderful sights and smells out there. 

Have a great week . Thanks Kathleen for this challenge.I am joining up with Between Naps on the Porch,Cuisine Kathleen,and join me for the scoop Susie,