Wednesday, November 19, 2014

thanksgiving week

Here it is  Thanksgiving week. I have to work that day and will be celebrating on Wednesday instead. there is only going to be three of us nothing big or special.

I set this table in greens and browns and really kept it kind of simple

 I have three harvest boxes I love and raised them up on green and brown cake plates

added some velvet pumpkins and leaves and magnolia pods(my version of pinecones San Diego) 

dinner will be a small affair I won't be doing  the big turkey but just a little turkey roast with all the fixings

 I can't wait to start on my Christmas decor because I wait all year to decorate for this time of year. this year I have a slight problem it seems like my floors have to be re built in my apartment and I am waiting to see when and how long this will take.I don't want to start decorating only to take it all down to empty apt to do floors. What a mess this is going to be.
these little peppermint and candy canes became perfect little cupcake plates I made after seeing them on pinterest
to also add to my peppermint tablescape I will be making

Thrift store finds picked up these Debbie mumm plates four for $4.oo along with these red napkins  and a plate and perfect peppermint candles for my peppermint table at a local thrift store Christmas Bazaar I  scored with all this for 40 percent off aren't these Santa plates cute

Well Thanksgiving will be here  in a week then I know we will all be full speed ahead getting our crafting, decorating ,baking and blogging on for The Christmas Season. So I wish everyone a very happy and warm and loved Thanksgiving. May all of you be blessed with the times you spend with  family and loved ones. love Susie I will be joining Betwwen naps on the porch and lets scoop this week please enjoy your week drive safely if traveling and God bless you all


  1. hi Susie! I have those Debbie Mumm plates! I guess I've had them a long time if you found them in a thrift store! And those candy cupcake stands are fabulous, I've got to try making some! Your Thanksgiving table looks lovely, by the way, sorry I got carried away by the Christmas at the end! Small Thanksgivings are just as special as big ones, even if they aren't quite on the day of, enjoy~

  2. Hi Jenna how are ya doing?I love Debbie Mumm plates this thrift store carried three different sets two of the rustic santa plates that I grabbed another of the same plates but only four not five and a set of bears skiing real cute but only could I have one set but the lady in line saw mine and ran to get the skiers both sets were real cute no nicks and the price for all four was 2.00 for four then they were 40 percent off it was a great find i plan on them being front and center in my tabllescape happy thaksgiving to all of yours.susie

  3. Beautiful table with all of the pumpkins. Great table!

  4. Thank you bev for you comment and for stopping by enjoy thanksgiving with your family I hope it is a blessed day.Susie

  5. Hi Susie, I have to agree, those peppermint cupcake stands are to precious! I had seen a girl make big round pizza size plates out of the Starlite mints on YouTube but not the cupcake holders, they are so cute, I will have to make one before Christmas. I love green and brown together. Your table looks so pretty. The colors blend together beautifully. Love the Debbie Mum Plates, I have been collecting her holiday patterns (they are hard to find around here) for a while. They are so cute! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving..... Candy

    1. Hi Candy thank you for commenting the little candycane cupcake plates will appear in next weeks posts the problem I had with them was storing them I can't wrap in saran or foil wraps they just get to sticky so I have had to just leave them on my counter tops which I need for my Christmas decorating I don't know what to do with them after the post either I don't think they will hold up for next year.Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family I hope you have a great day. I have to work so am doing my turkey day today so I need to go make my pies.take care have a good week.


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