Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Paw-fect day

This week's tablescape is a challenge that Kathleen from Cuisine Kathleen put out there for the end  of the summer.I had this in my mind for a while and to tell you the truth I was kinda of colored out.So I thought what is still colorful with a little bit of whimsy thrown in ?  

I found these adorable spreaders at my favorite  thrift store and decided to make a tablescape around them. OOH cat theme? why not ? how about a tribute to my room-mates. Being an avid cat lover I had plenty around the house that I could use in their honor. Although they are both Siamese I still adore anything with cats on them. 

I thought mixing the patterns of black and white would work together. I found paw print material and made the napkins and table runner and the checkered placemats were a steal at Burlington Coat Factory they only had two but were marked down for 50 cents each and they are reversible.

I also scored on these black plates and these beautiful white floral plates there at BCF clearance for 49 cents each. I tell you if you go look at their clearance section you will be amazed at the bargains they have. I used mini white cake plates for the candles and elevated the cat statue on  a white milk glass bowl. I was going to put the cat on a black cake plate but it didn't look right .It's still summer and I wanted a clean crisp look not Halloweenish in August.

Love the patterned daisies from Michaels

I used my white chargers to add that whimsy touch, when I was taking pictures of these items it's funny what the camera picks up that we don't see like my chargers were covered in cat hair. HMMM does that mean someone has been on the table when they shouldn't be?  

I switched out my hutch from the beach scene to coincide with my black and white theme .And yes I have a black and white cake plate on the hutch don't I have to?

I pulled everything I own  in black and white and was shocked that I had enough to fill a whole hutch

those are black and white cupcake  holders I used under glass

 I 'd like to introduce my babies aka roommies this is Cuddle Bug he finds laying upside down is much cooler in the heat

 And this is Cassie Bu she doesn't like to have her picture taken and usually avoids it all together ( She has attitude) she's so cute with her little black nose she is a siamese ragdoll variety.

Well I hope you enjoyed my paw-fect day.I had fun composing this one. I'm joining Cuisine Kathleen and Between Naps on the Porch this week why don't you join us also? have a great week. can we keep in our thoughts this week the people of N California effected by the earthquake today and others through out our country who are in other major hazards from Mother Nature. 

Thursday, August 21, 2014

A Purple Post

I don't have multiple tables in my apartment to use like so many of you have. I don't have a table out on the patio or porch(don't even have either of them) and sometimes doing up the big dining room table gets to be a big hassle plus I hadn't posted the dining room post yet and yet this inspiration came to me so I decided to use my coffee table. We have to get creative right?

This came about because  I found this beautiful purple and greens Hydrangeas tablecloth with a sticker price of $49.99 by some major company long out of business. Well I seldom (alright ever) purchase anything that would cost a weeks worth of groceries. Ahh but I was in my favorite Good Will and the price on this beauty was only $2.99 before I could think about buying this a woman walked by and when she did she hit the shelf and this literally fell in my cart. Honestly!!!!  

So I continued shopping really just window shopping when I found these purple and green goblets also for only 2 for $1.00 even I could afford this. So now I have the idea for this table only I didn't have a table to use.

I mixed and matched two place settings from my spring collection of plates. the purples and the greens were perfect matches with the colors in the tablecloth.I had these little dessert pansy forks that I love and use quite often.

I used my blue pillows from the couch as cushions to sit on.I don't do Sushi so I thought maybe some Chinese take-out would work with this scenario


I have this very versatile bird cage that I filled with hydrangeas and used my little chair napkin rings purchased from Pier One several years ago

Here is a view looking down on the table with the accent on the purple and green goblets and a little candle lite

Here I used the green and purple together .Again using my spring plates for this

The little chairs were just for decoration as I tied the napkins together and that way they didn't need a ring to hold them.

These are actually purple stem ware from GoodWill. Gosh I love the bargains you can find there

Added the pearls cascading out for just a touch of elegance

had to add my purple,green and light blue beads for a little bit of Glam

 I did purple on purple with purple chargers, purple or green  plates dark purple dessert plates and the little gold dessert forks that are dark purple with pansies on them .then combined sage green napkins with dark purple and just plain silver flatware 

Miss Cassie Bu didn't want to be bothered with picture taking

                                     I layered purple,blue and green Hydrangeas in the cage to give it a more fuller effect

Sitting on the little chairs are mini clusters of purple flowers

A long view of the table you can really see the  colors in this cloth. Don't you think I matched them pretty well?

I could have used the creams that are in this too but just couldn't find anything at the moment that matched.I think I am going to like sitting on the floor tonight and order in being that I found such great bargains I 'll splurge on the Chinese food. Hope summer isn't getting you down.It hasn't been to hot in S Cal this summer but our hottest months are yet to come. Join me at Tablescape Thursday With Susan at Between Naps On the porch.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

gray and green

I try to come up with ideas for tablescapes without having to go out and buy a bunch of stuff most which I will never use after this one time.Recently at Home Goods they had these  gray and green (gray and green?) plates on clearance for 49 cents but they had only two  of each. I figured I could afford these but who uses gray and green?

I wanted to use natural elements and came across my dried magnolia pods(my version of pinecones) I thought the crispness of white cake plates and lime green charger placemats would contrast nicely together. My blog is about cake plates but also other treasures. To me displaying treasures we find every day in beautiful glass jars to look at means alot to me. I have driftwood from beaches all over the world that my brother has collected in his travels that I love to store in glass jars.I don't know what beaches or which pieces but to me they are a treasure probably because I will never get to travel and collect them

My friend lent me this gorgeous gray satin fabric that I just bunched up and put on the table( talk about easy no ironing here)

See on the plate just a tiny hint of green running thru the leaves like a glimpse of a branch, I pulled out pretty glassware that had flowers on them again continuing the natural elements 

In this jar I have treasures I have collected on various hikes my son and I have taken, little tiny pinecones, bird feathers, driftwood, seeds what ever I find that I want to keep as a treasure to remind me of a great day hiking outdoors or being with him or even by myself.

I added a green flower to the napkin to bring out a little more of the green color

Green beads in a glass jar and silver balls that look like dandelion puffs to me look like more treasures.

I think the elements together blend well and make for interesting conversations. next to the wine glass is a a twisted piece of driftwood I just love

This glass jar has treasures of glass bubbles, an egg,tree bark, reindeer moss picked right off the tree in Trinidad Ca

I don't know what beach these came from but they are so cool looking to me

this one has shells I collected from different parks several kinds of pine cones and  seed pods and magnolia pods. these pods look great spray painted white or silver or gold and are great for holiday displays once dry they never fall apart like pinecones do

Well I hope you like my elemental gray and green scape it was fun creating this and gave me walk down treasure lane. thanks for joining me this week. hope to see you at Susan's and Between naps on the porch.Sorry about the date in the corner I couldn't get it off the camera until the camera broke and it didn't work was I able to get rid of the date.