Thursday, August 7, 2014

my birthday

Monday is my birthday and I wanted to go all out for my birthday  table.I found these adorable  little dessert plates at an estate sale and knew they were going to be used for this day.

I made these real cute napkin rings I guess that is about my only creative project this week.It's hard to be creative when you work 7 days a week.This year I am working on my birthday and with just recently being separated and my son in Alaska I wont be celebrating with anyone.

I did treat myself to this beautiful Cardew cake plate on ebay I had found the creamer and sugar bowl at Home Goods and couldn't believe it when the cake plate came up for bidding. Isn't it just too sweet? 

I wanted it to really look like a party and set each place setting in a different color one for each guest

I doubt I will have any cake  this year so I'll just have to make do with this.

Here is the second napkin ring resembling what else but a cake plate!!!!


Unlike this  little saying I never say no to a piece of cake

I went with a wild dotted theme doesn't it just scream party to you? Here is  my new cake plate and I even found dotted glassware to match each place setting at Dollar Tree to bad they didn't have one in purple.

See the little sugar bowl it has writing all all around it with sayings like "the icing on the cake"

I added not one but two slices of strawberry cake (maybe for a secret guest)

Here is the fourth setting all in purple with cute little dessert forks who could resist this?

I had this beautiful platter with bubbles or dots on them you really can't see this under the cake plate that is why I took a picture of it separately but still goes with the theme. and one special little cupcake(for me?) 


add some presents you have to have presents at a birthday party right?

individual mini cake plates holding candles to blow out await the special night

My very own cupcake this one I don't have to share it is my birthday.

See the treats all along the base of the cake plate they look so good maybe I can lick them right off !!!!!


well it's time to go I'm going to dream about all the things I want to do for my birthday.WISH WISH WISH hope you have a great week. I 'm joining Susan at between naps on the porch. hope to see you there.


  1. Happy Birthday!! I really love all the little imagery of sweets! They are so wonderful. I actually sometimes buy pretty little sweets to add to my table settings because I think they are so colorful and lovely. Your plates are just terrific. Oh, and definitely have the cake! :-)


    1. Thanks Lory for stopping by and leaving such a great comment.Even though I am a pastry chef I have no one to bake for and very little time to do it so I am always buying little fake desserts I can use as props. Definitely going to have the cake.Susie

  2. Happy Birthday to You! I love all your cute bakery inspired items. My granddaughter and I could have a fun tea party, I must start hunting for some thrift buys.

    1. wanda thanks for stopping by you mean you don't do thrift.stores? you don't know you could be missing. wish I had a granddaughter to have a tea with. enjoy yourself what a joy.Susie

  3. Love your colorful polka dot theme! That dishware is great.

    1. thanks Bev for your Have a great week.Susiecomment. It;'s a fun theme isn't it?

  4. Susie, I am in love with the cupcake and cake decor. How sweet everything looks set on your birthday celebration table. The crafty napkin rings are perfect with the dessert plates. How creative you are! Happy Birthday dear lady.

    1. Candy I love everytime you stop by you always leave the sweetest comments. thank you.It seems I have become obsessed with napkin rings now. but having fun making them is almost as exciting as finding new ones.Susie

  5. well happy birthday to you! i love the sparkly napkin rings and the cupcake and polka dots. even your blog background is cupcakes!


I appreciate your comments and critiques. Thank you so much.