Thursday, September 25, 2014

apple abundace

Well I couldn't put Fall off any longer although temperatures have finally dropped to the high 80's and no color changes are happening in our area, Fall things are happening all around.When you get to go to the first craft show of the season you know Fall is here.when Julian Apple pies grace every store in San Diego you know Fall is here. when Football takes over almost every night on tv you know Fall is here. 

I know every one is busy making pumpkins from every conceivable product out there and I am too but I wanted to give the other great Fall produce a big welcome.Apples who doesn't love apples?We use them for any number of recipes, decor ,flavors,colors but very little do you see anybody on Pinterest devoting pages of crafts of how to make apples from sweaters or dryer hose . and yet we use apples and consume more apples than ever pumpkins.

So at my first craft show of the season I came upon these trees that I had never seen before with these giant bean like pods hanging from them and grabbed a bunch of them. I put them on this table thinking they were quite interesting and very organic looking .Does anyone know what they are or what they are called? my roomie CassieBu tends to eat anything living I put in a vase   but these must have been very bitter or smelled funny she took a swift sniff and flew off the table.

See aren't they wierd looking they are real hard and have no odor(at least not to me) and have like a leathery texture.

the apple gets it's own mini cake plate to stand on. makes it feel like it's the queen for the day.I used deep brown chargers on top of twig chargers with my green plates from BCF(49 cent stash) with small apple bowls and apple napkin rings well truly they aren't napkin rings but ornaments for the Christmas tree I just haven't found apple rings yet.The brown leaf jar helps depict that fall is here.

The hutch got a new look the Fall colors are so beautiful and vibrant

the apple awaits their fate as they sit in a giant apple bowl. will they be a wholesome snack in a child lunch bag , will be eaten raw drizzled with caramel,?cooked and mashed for applesauce?,diced an layered in a flaky buttery crust? or maybe they will get peeled and  sliced and microwaved and put on wreaths, I don't know,maybe I'll turn them into a cinnamony apple butter.Apples are such a wonderful portable tasty  fruit.                                   

Here are more pics of the PODS totally  weird they paired well with the crabapples and I think they have a great color contrast 

Here is the table already for dinner I think I will settle this time and make an apple pie but save that for another post.

Well if anyone can help me with the Pod question I would appreciate it. also can someone please help me with the permalink? I don't know how to do it and I need to be able to post to other sites.I have had only 21 followers for 8 months now. thank you all. I will be linking up to between naps on the porch on Thursday with Susan.have a great week everybody

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

This one's for Lavonne

Recently my co-worker and dear friend decided to retire and move back to Arizona. When she left she asked me if I could use this little quilt that her mom had made and given to her. She knew I do Tablescapes and wondered if I could use it on a table and incorporate into one of my displays.

Of course I said yes but had to wait to the Fall to use it. It has wonderful colors of browns,tans, creams and just enough oranges to make it pop without being flashy.And I got to use the brown   plates I had purchased when  I made my clearance run thru Burlington Coat Factory (remember the one where I grabbed up all the plates for 49 cents each) the plates have this antiquey kinda look to them and I paired them with golden chargers. I had the little individual pots and thought about making mini pot pies  in them but with sweltering temps here in San Diego at 104 turning on the oven sounded like a nightmare.Ok Lavonne I know you live in Phoenix and 104 is nothing to you.

I love pumpkins in any shape, color and texture ,and couldn't wait to pull out my Fall stash.I literally have enough varieties I can have my own pumpkin patch.Isn't this velvet orange one a beauty?

It has the privilege of sitting on a brown cake plate and next to my collection of mini brown bottles

Here are some pics of mini white pumpkins made out of panty hose. yep panty hose. one tiny little acorn of knee highs from walmart cost 39 cents and it made 12  with a bag of batting and five minutes of sewing and you have the cutest  easiest pumpkins ever to make.

No pattern needed just cut panty hose to size you want about 3-7 inches high. stuff with fiber ,socks old sheets torn up  even paper can be used. then sew from top thru bottom and repeat going around the pumpkin tie off thread or cord or string whatever you have. use wire to coil for a stem or just cut and glue a tiny branch from a bush in the yard.Easy Peasy

Here is the little container the panty hose came in after using the stockings inside I painted them  brown and have a cute acorn in addition for decor. fallen leaves and just a few  beads (I am trying to learn less is better) . spread about or gathered to fill an apple bowl.


stuffed an antique napkin in the wine glass to hot to let the wine just sit out.Well this one is for you Lavonne. I 'll pour a glass of wine after work and raise a toast to you and retirement.Will I ever get there? oh how I wish I could. thank you for this cute quilt, every time I use it I will think of you and all the neat things we were able to share.Enjoy your retirement you have earned it my Friend.Susie .come on over and join Susan at Between naps on the porch every thursday

Friday, September 12, 2014

pretty in pink mood

sometimes life keeps throwing the wrong curve balls. I found myself getting more and more down and I knew I had to get my post out but just wasn't in the orange or reds of Fall just yet so I decided on a pink.How can you be down when staring at this happy color?

this sweet delicate fabric of tiny pink rosebuds was my inspiration for this table. The napkin rings were a steal at GW for only 1.99 for six of them I don't need 6 but couldn't pass them up.

Anytime I get to pull out my pink depression glass makes me happy

I found this chippy cake plate at a craft show it even had the little pink gems on it and the rust was free!

 I pulled out my old faithful teapot and sugar bowl and creamer. My mother gifted me this entire china set for my fortieth birthday many eons ago. I love the softness to it. 

Don't know where this little set came from but I love the delicacy to it and the pink rose fabric helped bring out the roses in all the china pieces 

Sometimes I amaze myself when I buy little feminine pieces like this antique napkin set if anyone knows me  I am much more the tomboy than a girlie girl and this is maxed out in the bling department for me.

                                                  Oops forgot the bling of the pearls and more pink beads

I went to several stores this week trying to find real pink roses to use for this table and there was not a pink rose to be found not even at Michaels or Trader Joes or the dollar stores  and that depressed me even more.

But it did make me happy with a pink hutch doesn't this make all of you Happy too?

my soup tureen  that holds big homemade flowers

I have the whole set of this bakeware except for a teapot that  a fellow blogger had I can't remember who but I love this with all the dark pinks and chocolate browns.

the layers of plates  consist of two pink depression glass, a clear glass plate and my semi new pink dishes on top of pink petaled chargers 

Well I hope this makes someone else happy . It sure made me, sometimes you have to go with whatever life throws at you. Have a pinky happy week..I'/ll be joining Susan at Between Naps on the Porch and any other links as soon as I can figure out how to do the permalink thing