Friday, September 12, 2014

pretty in pink mood

sometimes life keeps throwing the wrong curve balls. I found myself getting more and more down and I knew I had to get my post out but just wasn't in the orange or reds of Fall just yet so I decided on a pink.How can you be down when staring at this happy color?

this sweet delicate fabric of tiny pink rosebuds was my inspiration for this table. The napkin rings were a steal at GW for only 1.99 for six of them I don't need 6 but couldn't pass them up.

Anytime I get to pull out my pink depression glass makes me happy

I found this chippy cake plate at a craft show it even had the little pink gems on it and the rust was free!

 I pulled out my old faithful teapot and sugar bowl and creamer. My mother gifted me this entire china set for my fortieth birthday many eons ago. I love the softness to it. 

Don't know where this little set came from but I love the delicacy to it and the pink rose fabric helped bring out the roses in all the china pieces 

Sometimes I amaze myself when I buy little feminine pieces like this antique napkin set if anyone knows me  I am much more the tomboy than a girlie girl and this is maxed out in the bling department for me.

                                                  Oops forgot the bling of the pearls and more pink beads

I went to several stores this week trying to find real pink roses to use for this table and there was not a pink rose to be found not even at Michaels or Trader Joes or the dollar stores  and that depressed me even more.

But it did make me happy with a pink hutch doesn't this make all of you Happy too?

my soup tureen  that holds big homemade flowers

I have the whole set of this bakeware except for a teapot that  a fellow blogger had I can't remember who but I love this with all the dark pinks and chocolate browns.

the layers of plates  consist of two pink depression glass, a clear glass plate and my semi new pink dishes on top of pink petaled chargers 

Well I hope this makes someone else happy . It sure made me, sometimes you have to go with whatever life throws at you. Have a pinky happy week..I'/ll be joining Susan at Between Naps on the Porch and any other links as soon as I can figure out how to do the permalink thing


  1. Hi, Susie! This table is so pretty. You really scored with those precious napkin rings. They highlight your beautiful depression glass dishes and linens. I also love your white hutch with the delicate patterned white and pink dishes. What a lovely setting for a tea party!! Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

    1. Hi Rosie thanks for stopping by. I love my china that my mom gave me and today was her anniversary date in passing .what better way to think about her than to see and share all the pretty dishes together. tad little to hot for tea party we crested the temp today at 104 COME ON FALL WEATHER.Susie

  2. Cheerful, bright, girly, I love every bit of this beautiful table. I wouldn't have passed up on those napkin rings either they are lovely and I am totally in love with that cake stand!

    1. Hi Sandy thanks for writing such a great comment I had to think which cake stand is she talking about and re read my post then saw the little chippy cake stand. And I didn't even try to de-rust it! it is so cute as is although not food safe but what the hey.Susie

  3. Susie, This table is certainly PRETTY in pink!! I love the girly girl look. All of the beautiful layers of rose buds, pink depression glass, the cake plates, the pearls, those sweet napkin rings, just lovely. The hutch looks beautiful in it's charming rosebud and pink decor. You made me smile with all of this sweet loveliness. Have a wonderful week..... Candy

  4. Candy I love when you stop by I always feel like I am talking to an old friend thanks for the awesome comment. I fell this week and took a good lump on my head(we had a complete blackout and I couldn't see the dam table edge) and ended up in ER with a concussion and vertigo and orders not to work for a couple of days.WOOHHOO two whole days off in a I made several tablescapes and finally getting in to the Fall mode. It has been fun doing nothing but playing with dishes.Susie

  5. Absolutely this makes me happy! I love all of your yummy pinks! I hold off on the oranges and browns too - kind of depressing colors - but maybe I will dress it up with a little bling!
    Your chippy cake plate makes me swoon! What a fabulous find that should always bring happiness!

  6. Such a pretty, feminine table. Your metal cake stand looks like it was made to go with your candle holder centerpiece. OOOO, that pink depression glass is gorgeous. Your girly look in the hutch is so charming. laurie

  7. Oh I love your table! So sweet and did a great job!


I appreciate your comments and critiques. Thank you so much.