Thursday, October 29, 2015

November's coming

Hello everybody how has your week been? Living in Seattle just keeps getting better and better. Mother Nature has really pulled out all the stops in her Fall splendor here. The array of colors has just been breathtaking. I will be sad to see all the color gone and the trees so bare.

This week I created at table using the new Better Homes and Gardens plates from Walmart.I tried resisting these for weeks and just stopped to see if anything new was out yet.I was not going to buy anything. I am determined to save my pennies for a trip to Figi some day and I know I just didn't need to buy more plates. but there were only four left not five not three but four . So they needed a new home right?

I used my tablecloth from last year. It seems my cat thinks he needs fabric threads and fringe in his diet and proceeds to eat anything hanging over a table that is why not knowing till I took the pics of the lets say bigger pumpkin pattern.

I used a cornucopia for my centerpiece

These plaid chargers are new I got them when they were on clearance at Michaels and using my employee discount they came to .75 cents each.The plaid napkins are the ones from Candy and thought they would go well with the plates. 

And the cord hanging behind adds a little dimension to my table don't you think? Its funny what the camera sees that we don't even notice.

The table is set and the candles are ready to be lit. this colorful fabric was a gift from my friends remnant stash. It really says Fall to me

These glasses are from Dollar Tree they really have some great glassware from time to time

I am a sucker for napkin rings I am embarrassed to say how many sets I have. How does this happen that we end up amassing great quanities of things like napkin rings in our lives?But they are pumpkins and just to cute to pass up.when you find things at a clearance bin at thrift stores take the time and check them out . you would be amazed at the bargains waiting for you to take home

The sunflowers are nice and bright. .My husband grows the most magnificent sunflowers I have ever seen, they are massive

I can't wait for November to get here because then I know all the Christmas tables are not far behind.That is always some of the best eye candy ever.

Well wishing you all a safe and joyous week.Stay warm, hug lots.and reach out and love coworker made me laugh he said he only had ten smiles to give out in a day and he already was at 8.5. So give away as many smiles as you can. Why not  they're free and just might brighten someone's day Come join us at Between Naps on the Porch, Join the Scoop,Funk Junk Interiors,Ivy and Elephants,there are so many wonderful blogs and link up parties out there with the most fantastic women in the world who are so creative and present such joyful wisdom and some of the most gorgeous Eye Candy you can ever find.Take care blogger friends love to you all Susie.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Candy Corn Land

Happy Halloween to everybody this week I know I'm a week early but I will be working and running a Haunted mansion and just won't have time to do a post so I am getting it out there now. Last year I did a candy corn theme and right after Halloween went to a thrift store and found the coolest candy corn stuff and knew I had to make a new one this year. 

They included these candy corn napkin rings, this really adorable (well it is to me ) candy corn wreath

 the table cloth of haunted mansions, the sugared candy corn beneath.

my candy corn bottles I had on hand

I made this little adorable candy corn dessert stand

witches hutch is lit up for Winnie and all aglow

Winnie's airing her dirty laundry Geez woman put your bloomers back on or are we a little Slow?

So much fun to be had and candy to be eaten

chocolate is grand but candy corn can't be beaten.

candy corn marshmellow pops  are the tops

She's too cute to be related to Winnie must be a long lost cousin .

cavities  to be had by not a few, but dozen.

Fill up my glass I'll drink to you
 such great colors with all the greens and purples too

 We are gathered together for this day of fun with giggles and scary's and Boo's by the ton
Even candy corn pumpkins joined this Ado

We are ready to get this party started where are the treats in this place?I want some goodies how about YOU!

this place looks grand and all decked out,I'm sure you got what it's all about.

 I'm ready  are YOU ? bring on those princesses, the goblins, and ghouls

the  major sugar rushes, I think it's all so very cool

 Let's have Trick or Treaters and loads of Fun

 We only have this one night then we'll be done so Happy Halloween to everyone
Come join us all you here and there, we are celebrating Halloween everywhere.With Susan at Between Naps on the Porch, Lets Join the Scoop, at Funk Junk Interiors and man what a Hoot, for the others I can't figure out, come have fun no matter where we hang about.I'll send to you all candy corn kisses, and Halloween wishes.Love to all and lots of Hugs, Susie

Monday, October 19, 2015

white n black mantel

Happy Halloween Everybody.I have been working twelve hour days for twelve days for the Seattle Seahawks I am so exhausted

It is very hard taking pictures of a mirror. you 
 don't want to appear in the mirror and I was always taught so your image or shadow doesn't appear to stand back at an angle, I filled one of my apothecary jars with little bits o Halloween fun in it some eye of newt eyeballs, toads breath, bat droppings witches's bane all kinds of good creepy stuff. Then I joined this real pretty glass jar with a  few of my other favorite pretties.

I wanted to create a small vignette for my next blog post but I didn't want to change out my prior tablescape I had created with Winnie sitting pretty on her thrown

The background appears to have a black drape over it sorry it doesn't

 I pulled together white and black pumpkins got  my treasure jar filled with all kinds of wonderful treasures, beach glass, driftwood feathers from an eagle, moss from Fairie forest,dried flowers from my hike at Mt Ranier all kinds of neat stuff.

A black marbelized cake plate  anchors the edge

 lites around the edges of the mirror give that either romantic feeling or that somewhat creepy feeling
I even added some sparkly Halloween bling to shine on my mantel. Hope you have enjoyed this little cheep thrills of mine.Happy Halloween to you from Seattle come join us for spooks and fun at ALL TH E BLOGS WE HANG OUT AT..LOve to you ALL SUSIE