Saturday, August 6, 2016

It's My Birthday

Happy August everybody. We are still awaiting the arrival of summer in Seattle.Last year high 90"s great hot summer this year low 70's cloudy rainy and downright drab.I just want hot weather so I can go the waterslides!

So I created a table for my Birthday that is later on this week with a playful theme of dots. I kinda scrounged around and  tried to find as many dotted items I could find.I 'm not gonna load  up on desserts for that day so I used ceramic props that I have instead. Way better than worrying about the calories.

I've had these little cupcake stands for years and just love them aren't they adorable?

And this ice cream cone cake plate is perfect for a Birthday Party

I'm so glad there was a pink one my favorite.

It makes for a fun table all these colors. I'll be working all day and then off to my women's group that night  so I won't be able to celebrate till the weekend. I love Birthdays.We only get one day a year when it's all about you the Birthday person.It doesn't matter the number.It matters that we celeberate who we are and the world is a great place with us in it.

That's why I love when my Birthday comes around.Only one other day of the year is as important to me (next to Christmas of course) and that would be Mother's Day

So I say when it's your Birthday go out and celebrate REJOICE in it don't dread it. Have fun, dance, be silly,  relax, go to a movie ,have a nice dinner, whatever you need to do to celebrate the greatness and uniqueness of You.I work in a very big kitchen where we can have up to 60 cooks working.I was amazed to find out that out of this number there are over twenty two of us as LEO"S wow are Pride is growing.LOL 

So Happy Birthday to all you LEO"S out there go out and Roar and be proud of who you are I know I am .

And join us for the fabulous blogs out there they make great for reading for the summer like Between Naps  on the Porch, Home is where the Boat is ,The Magic Hutch and the list goes on and on. Have a great summer week.Love Susie