Thursday, January 29, 2015

weak version of Valentines Day

 Okay ladies bear with me here with my pictures. I made the floral arrangement, took great photos both from day and at night  with candlelight going looked really nice. then I downloaded to computer and they got erased from the camera HUH? so when I went to post this the flowers were on their last leg I mean dying and wilted and looked like crap so I tried to recapture the flowers and downloaded from phone so maybe the phones pics are better.

He has camelias blooming like crazy a couple of azaleas and some roses my sister in law picked up for me

So remember I have very limited supplies only what I bought with me to decorate my room


 I picked up the chargers at Michaels at buy one get one free sale I like sales like that.

Here is a pic of the table.okay the man has exactly three different dishes they are not sets he had only two of these plates

So I added a bag of hearts from dollar tree, made some cinnamon hearts to help the space smell better, my rosebud napkins, and rosebud napkin rings

Here the flowers don't look dead yet must be camera from phone photos

And yes I did iron the tablecloth but it still looks kinda pretty

 I don't know why he has two (pink depression Glass) cups but I grabbed them up to use. His name is Cliff and he said how nice his table looks again it hasn't been decorated for 40 years and he informed me go thru cubbards and closets and use whatever you can find.OKAY

 I don't know what kind of flowers these are only that they are pink and soft and very pretty

Well it's not the greatest Valentines Day table but I am really trying with what I got to make it work.

Thank you all for your kind thoughts,prayers and advice you gals are truly the best friends ever.thanks for being there for me Hope you all have a great week and those who are buried in snow  ,know that we all pray for all you and for each other. for safety, peace and most of all for JOY.I'm  participating in Tablescape Thursday at Between Naps On The Porch. confessions of a plate addict,Join the scoop.and Funky Junk Interiors so stop on by with me. Bless you all you have been such great support to me. thanksSusie

Thursday, January 22, 2015

A bachelor's life

For all of you in blogland I want to give you all a huge hug and a thank you  for all your prayers and hope you all gave me.

I have had quite a few changes in my life this month. I am adapting to the changes that are occurring in my life and one of the greatest worries I had was not being able to do my blog that brings so much joy to my life mainly because I can connect with so many wonderful beautiful people who don't know me but rallied behind me in love and support

while I don't want to bore any one with details, life with a 97 year old bachelor takes alot of adjustment. I have all my belongings in storage and although I can get to them  there is no room here for my stuff here.. when the creativity overtook my depression I tried to make due with what I could find. the man does not own luxuries like material or tablecloths (come on he only has three chairs and they are ORANGE at that)

So I scouted thru his cubbards and came up with this set of butterfly plates and can you believe it he had a cake plate?But the real topper is the gorgeous Camilla plants blooming everywhere

He had this very unique floral vase I used

I made the napkins and shaped them like butterflies to mimic the plates

One of my new adaptations is a part time job as a pastry chef at a restaurant that definitely had God's hand all over it. but the greatest part of this job is I work from home and bring my desserts to them so the first day I made strawberry napoleons as seen in the first picture.

Each place setting has a different colored butterfly on it, but I had to get real creative with a tablecloth he did have a flowered sheet.

While creating and trying to explain tablescaping to a man who hasn't had a table set for 49 years, he got in the mood of this table by telling me he had real nice silver ware down below  in the china cabinet I could use. OK

He didn't even know he had candles in the house

these flowers were stunning and I grabbed a few azaleas that were on their last bloom

One of the biggest hurdles I had to overcome was no internet service or even tv which we finally got worked out. I thank you all for so much powerful love and prayers and advice you have given to me. I want to say thank you my blog family for having my back

As I am typing this my heart and chest just fill up with emotions as I re- 
read the post and look at this butterfly on the mugs and how metaphoric it is about change and all I am going thru like I too am becoming a butterfly and the world is wide open to me.So if you are reading this imagine you are being hugged and loved because that is what I am sending all of you. the power of love  prayer and friendship empowers all of us. thank you my my blogland family .Instead of turmoil and fear I now have a sense of calm and peace for the future.Susie I'm participating in Tablescape Thursday at Between Naps On The Porch. confessions of a plate addict,Join the scoop.and Funky Junk Interiors so stop on by with me

Saturday, January 3, 2015

New Years Day Glitz

 Happy New Years to everyone out there in Blogland.I had this table designed for New Years Day thought I would do a very elegant over the top Glitzy table and fabulous dinner. only the table was a reality. I ended up flying to N Ca for a job interview instead.Life has really hit me hard this past year.I am not trying to be a Debbie Downer but lets just say this has been probably the worst year of my life.
 The year started off  wrongly when I opted for a second mastectomy and created more chronic pain.Moved into my first and own apartment became divorced,traded jobs for what I thought was the dream position. this is going to be my last blog for a long time. I lost my job on Dec 1 and everything else with it,my benefits,which I  need for my cancer,my source of income and now my home. I am moving to become a caregiver to a ninety seven year old man in Northern Ca and hoping and praying it works out for the remaining amount of time he has left. As I sit among my packed apartment waiting for a week from today when I drive away from my first own place I ask for prayers and guidance that 2015 is a better year for all of us. So please just enjoy the pics and hope that once I can get back on my feet and all my stuff out of storage and find a real job that I will be able to continue with my blog that I have found so much intense Joy with this year.So Happy New Years to all of you with great love Susie

If anyone  had told me I would lose my job, benefits  be homeless scared and terrified and have to move 800 miles all in the space of three weeks I would have said NO WAY lets rethink this year but sadly this is where I am at God bless all of you.