Thursday, January 29, 2015

weak version of Valentines Day

 Okay ladies bear with me here with my pictures. I made the floral arrangement, took great photos both from day and at night  with candlelight going looked really nice. then I downloaded to computer and they got erased from the camera HUH? so when I went to post this the flowers were on their last leg I mean dying and wilted and looked like crap so I tried to recapture the flowers and downloaded from phone so maybe the phones pics are better.

He has camelias blooming like crazy a couple of azaleas and some roses my sister in law picked up for me

So remember I have very limited supplies only what I bought with me to decorate my room


 I picked up the chargers at Michaels at buy one get one free sale I like sales like that.

Here is a pic of the table.okay the man has exactly three different dishes they are not sets he had only two of these plates

So I added a bag of hearts from dollar tree, made some cinnamon hearts to help the space smell better, my rosebud napkins, and rosebud napkin rings

Here the flowers don't look dead yet must be camera from phone photos

And yes I did iron the tablecloth but it still looks kinda pretty

 I don't know why he has two (pink depression Glass) cups but I grabbed them up to use. His name is Cliff and he said how nice his table looks again it hasn't been decorated for 40 years and he informed me go thru cubbards and closets and use whatever you can find.OKAY

 I don't know what kind of flowers these are only that they are pink and soft and very pretty

Well it's not the greatest Valentines Day table but I am really trying with what I got to make it work.

Thank you all for your kind thoughts,prayers and advice you gals are truly the best friends ever.thanks for being there for me Hope you all have a great week and those who are buried in snow  ,know that we all pray for all you and for each other. for safety, peace and most of all for JOY.I'm  participating in Tablescape Thursday at Between Naps On The Porch. confessions of a plate addict,Join the scoop.and Funky Junk Interiors so stop on by with me. Bless you all you have been such great support to me. thanksSusie


  1. hi Susie, I can see how beautiful your flowers must have been at their peak, because they are still stunning! I am sorry you have had so many challenges lately, and pray for your well being~ Tablescaping is great therapy and how fun to have new things to play with! I think you have set a perfectly gorgeous Valentine table!

  2. Oh Jenna that was the sweetest comment. thank you for giving me hope and inspiration. I agree the flowers were beautiful. Yes my life is turning around and I am ever so grateful.Susie

  3. Hello again Susie,
    How sweet that Cliff is enjoying a beautiful table too. It seems that tablescaping lifts everyone's spirits! Keep up the good work!

  4. I will Tammy and thank you so much keep checking back with me. Susie

  5. Very pretty Susie, knowing that you are brightening this elderly gentleman's life must lift your spirits a bit too. Please send me your new address, I have a few things to send you that may help brighten your day too.

    1. Oh Candy thank you so much you you would not believe how my life has changed in a month my gentleman had a stroke this week he's fine but he spent two nights in hospital and I miss him go figure. we are truly adapting to each other.Susie

  6. What beautiful tableware you own. You surely do have some nice things. Amazing what you have done in this space. Wishing you the best. Valerie Roberts (

    1. Valerie my stuff is all bought at thrift stores or clearance items I just keep resurfacing them in different scenes but I do love fabrics and always searching for new designs. thanks for your kind hearted uplifting words of encouragement you Inspire Susie


I appreciate your comments and critiques. Thank you so much.