Wednesday, July 22, 2015

sea life in Seattle

Happy summer to all of you. I hope your summer is going well and the heat is not to unbearable for everyone

the temperatures in Seattle have been off the charts sky high into the high ninety's I don't mind so much it's just there is no air conditioning in any apts.HUH? 

I bought these cute plates and have been waiting to create just the right tablescape. problem is I have no table to build upon.So I went thru the yard and got real creative.I used two saw horses and a sheet of plywood and kinda built my own

 I made the napkins to look like the coral in the plates and for chargers used card stock paper.remember everything I own is in storage so creativity is the Mother of invention here.

These amazing plants that grow in abundance here looked perfect to use as sea life against my lanterns and hemp of rope with just a touch of soft blue hydrangeas 

glasses of blue glass with tiny fishes on them perfect for sipping a cold drink to help cool us down.

 I can't wait to sit out here and have a wonderful meal under the stars.with daylight staying with us till almost ten in the evening dusk comes closer to bed time  than early evening. Quite a change for me than the earliness of San Diego nights.

I layered my plates with cardstock sheets,solid red orange plates,these shell plates then the coral sealife plates

 as we sit under this weeping willow tree the yard is filled with all kinds of wildlife.we share our evenings with a family of raccoons,butterflies,hummingbirds and many species of colorful birds .
it truly is a wonderful  place to sit and enjoy the summer evenings

my table is set and ready for us to sit and enjoy now what can I serve to compliment this serene place? maybe just a chilled chef salad would work nothing fancy and some sweet tea with fresh fruit cups for dessert.Yum sounds good to me!

the blues are such a nice color against the backdrop of all the greens

Well however you spend your summer evenings I hope you have a wonderful time and enjoy the weather and long days too soon the days will get shorter and nights will arrive sooner than ten pm so I am going to enjoy this as much as I can.take care this week and give lots of hugs we all need them. Come join us at Between naps on he porch with Susan, Funky Junk Interiors ,and Lets scoop.bye.Susie

Thursday, July 9, 2015

watermelon summer

The  home that I am in temporary residence has a beautiful  back yard with this magnificent Weeping Willow Tree and these giant gunner leaves that make such a wonderful backdrop for a summer luncheon.

the leaves are so ginormous they are about nine to twelve feet across with massive thorns


For over a year I have been searching thrift stores for anything with a watermelon theme from dishes to baskets, to plates, and napkins, mini bottles, candles, napkin rings anything with the goal in mind to out do any body else's water melon table. I was going to reign and be the WATERMELON Queen for the summer.Pretty lousy self esteem that  I was thriving for I know only my stash is in storage again and this time I can't reach any of it.the storage unit is narrow and piled high to the  top and with an extender ladder I can  get to my stuff but sadly can't put it anywhere. Ever since I saw Candy's( Plum Creek) watermelon table last year I wanted to do a table of watermelon. A local dollar store had watermelon stuff and I did the best I could with what I found

a local grocery store had these cute plates on clearance and I grabbed them up. I found this real cute ant material and was intending on making napkins but just haven't gotten around to it. Life is still changing for me here in Seattle. Lots to see and do

trying to volunteer at lots of festivals so I can meet people and get involved.  this state loves Festivals
I went to a lake in the middle of the city that was fantastic, diving boards, paddle boats, kiddy pools, ice cream carts just a great way to spend a summer day.
the flowers are in such bloom here and the yard is so lush and green totally different than the dried out brown of  California. The weather has been totally off the charts with high nineties that Seattle doesn't have or seen in almost 40 years.

The chairs are a bit rusty but I'm  working with limited resources here.
I had purchased the cutest little ants to put everywhere on my table (sorry Candy I just could not make mine as cute as yours came out) but they are so lost in the pyramid of plastic tubs in my unit. I don't think I could ever remember exactly where I put them.

Well I hope everyone is enjoying their summers whatever your doing and I hope you enjoyed my little watermelon glimpse. I'll be joining Susan at Between Naps on the Porch come and have some fun with us .With love and fond thoughts to all of you.Susie