Thursday, May 26, 2016

Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day to everyone.

I Love Love Love anything in red white and blue,I cant wait to decorate when these Holidays come around. I mean come on we get three holidays to use these colors with

To all our Military Family who have fought or are in the Service right now I thank you.Thank you for the sacrifices you have made to keep this country and everyone in it Safe and Protected

You make our lives so much better, our lands so much safer and our hearts so filled with LOVE

Thank you for the time you have given,the deployments away from family and Loved ones

Thank you for moving your families to different locations around the worlds

For changing schools, making new friends, learning new cultures and languages

For having to change your lives to protect those back home

For all the adaptations you all had to make

For all the Holidays, birthdays, and special events you had to miss

For all the Loved ones who lost their lives so we could be Free

For orders given, for plans ruined, sorrow filled goodbyes.
For all the changes and decisions you had to make

I Thank you for doing it for all of us Here in the USA

So as we celebrate this Memorial Day weekend lets really remember what it is all about,as we enjoy going into Summer season and school getting out and barbecues and camping and all those Joyful events its all about remembering those who have given their lives for our Safety and Freedom. Happy Memorial Day to everyone. come join us at Between Naps on the Porch, Home is where the Boat Is, Design Enthusiasm,Candlelite your supper, Painted Apron and so many more. I just underwent Foot surgery yesterday so my weekend will be spent with my feet up and minimal walking. Wishing you a wonderful weekend. Love Susie

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Strawberry Fields

Happy May12th to everybody.I've had one of the best weeks ever.after working very hard and very long hours this week I decided to go out and enjoy this beautiful Spring weather and have some FUN. Do you take time to have some Fun in your life?

I rarely do which is quite sad because as adults we need Fun in our lives just as much as children do probably even more.

My first idea of fun was creating this Strawberry Fields delight table. Each month I cater to my Women's group meeting. I get to set the  table however I want and provide all the goodies we all get to partake in.I wanted to serve chocolate dipped strawberries as one of the treats and decided even though its still a little early for strawberry season they are in the stores.So I made this table with strawberry flavor

I made mini cherry turnovers ,lemon blueberry tartlets , cantaloupe flowers and the dipped strawberries.

I love the red and white polka dots I think it makes the strawberries POP

I even had fun bringing out my only waterford crystal pieces these ruby red goblets 

Pitchers with strawberries on them, plates galore and a platter to match

cute strawberry napkin rings I found in a clearance bin at an antique store closing,

(these are fake ones I made when strawberries aren't in season)

I know the girls will all enjoy these.

You can just taste the sweetness of these berries.

White azaleas are blooming everywhere so are the rhododendrons I've never seen such color or monstrous size heads on them

So not only did I start my week with this fun table and creating these fun desserts but I also went to MT Rainier and went hiking ,this time I made it right to the Mountain like he was sitting in my lap.

Today I finished off my week with a trip in a seaplane over Seattle that was fabulous and so much Fun but I'm saving them for another post.

So get out ther and give yourself the gift of Fun.It doesn't have to be trip somewhere,not even an outing maybe go have a hose fight with the littles or tug of war with your dog do something that gives you pure joy. Life is not always about just working. meantime I'm gonna have more fun checking out blogs like Between Naps on the Porch, Confession of a serious do it yourselfer,Magic cupboard,Home is where the Boat is and all the others out there. they give me JOY JOY JOy.Have a good week to all of you.Love Susie

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Happy Mothers Day

Happy MOTHER'S Day to all of you out there.Thank You God for creating Mother's  otherwise none of us would be here.Thank you for the LOVE,compassion,strength, courage,kindness,pride adoration,humor, and any other wonderful traits Mothers give us.Thank you for their smiles and hugs and unending comfort they have given us ,the tears they shed for us ,the booboos they kissed the trials they faced and the decisions they had had to make.

I Created this table with softness in mind of my own mother.She was a tiny woman but so mighty and strong and  I miss her everyday.The rhododendrons are in their full glory blaze right now with massive heads on them and they are everywhere and in so many colors.I am partial to the pinks so I cut some and bought them home. My mother loved these flowers and greatly missed them when we moved to California where due to the intense heat did not grow.

I love the blend of soft teals and pinks together

A dear friend and mother gave me this quilt and I treasure it.Sometimes when a friend gives you a treasure you hang on to it for the memory of them and what it meant at the time of giving.

Sometimes we don't feel worthy of receiving gifts but Mothers give everyday to their children,nieces nephews, sons,daughters,sisters.They give so graciously they don't even know they are giving.They give unconditional Love in their words actions,deeds just in reading a story to a child

All Mothers are Gifts yes we may argue and fight and share harsh words sometimes and we may not always agree with them but we have to be thankful  they gave us life

So celebrate Mothers everywhere lift them up in prayer and kindness

Do something for a Mother this Day. A thought, a smile, a card, flowers,anything even a song or dance.

Giver  her a compliment a word of praise.

Give her a hug or tell her I love you Mom

It doesn't have to be your Mom

Any Mom would appreciate the gesture

Mom's are special around the world.The sacrifices they make for their children can never be repaid.

So I'm saying to every Mother in the world I love You and I thank  You.

My Son Ryan and Daughter in law  got me these beautiful flowers for Mother's Day.

You made my day and I thank you.Happy Mothers Day to all of us in Blog landHave a wonderful Day.LOVE Susie