Saturday, May 7, 2016

Happy Mothers Day

Happy MOTHER'S Day to all of you out there.Thank You God for creating Mother's  otherwise none of us would be here.Thank you for the LOVE,compassion,strength, courage,kindness,pride adoration,humor, and any other wonderful traits Mothers give us.Thank you for their smiles and hugs and unending comfort they have given us ,the tears they shed for us ,the booboos they kissed the trials they faced and the decisions they had had to make.

I Created this table with softness in mind of my own mother.She was a tiny woman but so mighty and strong and  I miss her everyday.The rhododendrons are in their full glory blaze right now with massive heads on them and they are everywhere and in so many colors.I am partial to the pinks so I cut some and bought them home. My mother loved these flowers and greatly missed them when we moved to California where due to the intense heat did not grow.

I love the blend of soft teals and pinks together

A dear friend and mother gave me this quilt and I treasure it.Sometimes when a friend gives you a treasure you hang on to it for the memory of them and what it meant at the time of giving.

Sometimes we don't feel worthy of receiving gifts but Mothers give everyday to their children,nieces nephews, sons,daughters,sisters.They give so graciously they don't even know they are giving.They give unconditional Love in their words actions,deeds just in reading a story to a child

All Mothers are Gifts yes we may argue and fight and share harsh words sometimes and we may not always agree with them but we have to be thankful  they gave us life

So celebrate Mothers everywhere lift them up in prayer and kindness

Do something for a Mother this Day. A thought, a smile, a card, flowers,anything even a song or dance.

Giver  her a compliment a word of praise.

Give her a hug or tell her I love you Mom

It doesn't have to be your Mom

Any Mom would appreciate the gesture

Mom's are special around the world.The sacrifices they make for their children can never be repaid.

So I'm saying to every Mother in the world I love You and I thank  You.

My Son Ryan and Daughter in law  got me these beautiful flowers for Mother's Day.

You made my day and I thank you.Happy Mothers Day to all of us in Blog landHave a wonderful Day.LOVE Susie

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