Thursday, May 12, 2016

Strawberry Fields

Happy May12th to everybody.I've had one of the best weeks ever.after working very hard and very long hours this week I decided to go out and enjoy this beautiful Spring weather and have some FUN. Do you take time to have some Fun in your life?

I rarely do which is quite sad because as adults we need Fun in our lives just as much as children do probably even more.

My first idea of fun was creating this Strawberry Fields delight table. Each month I cater to my Women's group meeting. I get to set the  table however I want and provide all the goodies we all get to partake in.I wanted to serve chocolate dipped strawberries as one of the treats and decided even though its still a little early for strawberry season they are in the stores.So I made this table with strawberry flavor

I made mini cherry turnovers ,lemon blueberry tartlets , cantaloupe flowers and the dipped strawberries.

I love the red and white polka dots I think it makes the strawberries POP

I even had fun bringing out my only waterford crystal pieces these ruby red goblets 

Pitchers with strawberries on them, plates galore and a platter to match

cute strawberry napkin rings I found in a clearance bin at an antique store closing,

(these are fake ones I made when strawberries aren't in season)

I know the girls will all enjoy these.

You can just taste the sweetness of these berries.

White azaleas are blooming everywhere so are the rhododendrons I've never seen such color or monstrous size heads on them

So not only did I start my week with this fun table and creating these fun desserts but I also went to MT Rainier and went hiking ,this time I made it right to the Mountain like he was sitting in my lap.

Today I finished off my week with a trip in a seaplane over Seattle that was fabulous and so much Fun but I'm saving them for another post.

So get out ther and give yourself the gift of Fun.It doesn't have to be trip somewhere,not even an outing maybe go have a hose fight with the littles or tug of war with your dog do something that gives you pure joy. Life is not always about just working. meantime I'm gonna have more fun checking out blogs like Between Naps on the Porch, Confession of a serious do it yourselfer,Magic cupboard,Home is where the Boat is and all the others out there. they give me JOY JOY JOy.Have a good week to all of you.Love Susie


  1. SUSIE, colors as always are beautiful and the goblets were a good touch, I,m glad to see you enjoying your self and getting to explore seattle on the trails and soaring in the wild blue younder. ROY

  2. Beautiful like you. Love to see your happiness & joy!xoxo

    1. I wish you could be here to see it all too.Love Susie


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