Monday, September 28, 2015

pumpkin cascade water-Fall

 Hello everyone I hope you all have a had a good week. I was so busy at my new job I don't remember what day of the week it is. So this week I created a cascading waterfall of pumpkins. I gathered all my pumpkins from all the house and  made them just falling and tumbling out of one another. I loved how all the colors blended. Hope you enjoy it also.

I used browns and greens as my colors. the big pumpkin at the end                                                         will hold soup to fill the individual soup bowls and the pumpkin                                                             plates will hold all kinds of yummies. going to serve dinner buffet                                                           style tonight.

here is my cascade felt,ceramic ,cloth ,plastic,any pumpkin I had I gathered.

Fall accents are everywhere from salt n peppers shakers to stem ware to platters .I used a pumpkin runner down the center

I love entertaining in the Fall it always so warm and cozy.Recently I went to Pikes Market just to enjoy the beauty of this Fall weather. Now for those of you who don't know Pike's Market,it covers about 12 blocks has about seven different levels and the most wonderful food, smells, eye candy, flowers ,fish,and produce you could ever see.When you walk thru this place your senses are on overload because you just get flooded with so much to take in.So after you see the pics of my table just stroll down and see the flowers. such beauty to see and smell .I wish we had smellivsion on the computer because I would open it for you.

This is a sample of just a few booths there are so many the choices are so hard to pick and the best thing of all these magnificent bouquets are only $5 -$10  they are HUGE

A glimpse of one booth. all the flowers and the fishmongers are all on upper street levels

some done with winter vegetables like this one

these are all varieties of Dahlias and mums Gorgeous

this one is called firecracker and is about six inches across

Every color imaginable from whites to pinks,purples corals oranges reds deep greens Wow.

Star Lilies the biggest I have ever seen.And fragrant you could smell them across the room.

These two bunches had to come with me but it was so tough choosing which bunch or color.I wanted them all.

So these two bouquets added alot of color to my table but added such  a wonderful smell like I was in a Florist Shop

Well that's it for me this week I hope you all enjoyed .take a walk outside and just breath in all the goodness you can from the smell of Fall to Tailgating parties Enjoy Life. I'll be sharing this week with Tablescape Thursdays at Between Naps on the Porch ,Join the scoop and Funky Junk Interiors hope to see you all soon. love to all of you.Susie

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Fall in to white

Hello everyone It has been a wonderful week in the great Northwest and the colors around me helped to decide this weeks table . But there is so much color during the Fall sometime we have to step back from to much color and maybe just a little color works just as well.

So I chose creamy whites to offset the wonderful deep magenta of my new favorite tablecloth.the little white pumpkins I made years ago out of white panty hose.they are so easy and so cute and if you cut the top section and the feet section then cut and stuff each leg you can get about ten pumpkins per set of panty hose. pretty cheap decor.

Does anyone else agree with me that Sept flew by like the quickest month so far this year? where did this month go?

 I used my white soup tureen as the centerpiece and mixed in little white soup crocks I haven't decided which soup to fill them in  everybody would go for pumpkin or a rich butternut squash but I think maybe just some good ole chili and cornbread will work.
 I Pulled out my Indian corn ,pine cones in several sizes, my dried magnolia pods ,some leaves and acorns only to me.
e sunflower for a little pop of color, I've used my antique battinberg lace napkins with leaf napkin rings that Candy gifted me last year.I love the softness of this table but it stills speaks broadly
 the soup is on
don't forget to stare at my purse smack dabbed in the middle of floor aka photo shoot

It was a dark evening this night rained all day but the white felt like a ray of sunshine you know like a way of hope

So here is my very fall table with lots of textures an pretty whites

So pretty to enjoy friends over maybe some mulled wine or hot toddies 

 anyway it set the tone for weeks to come I have one  more for sept probably post on Sunday still got to save the best for one more. we get to do to bring in the best of the last show but wait I have more in store for you. have warm wonderful days ahead. pretty soon the clocks fall back.Happy Fall you all. give lots of warm hugs to all. join us for Just the scoop, susan at between naps on the porch and confessions of a plate addict. bring us your very best tablescapes for we love you and enjoy your works,Susan

Friday, September 18, 2015

First Fall post

Welcome Fall and all your glorious colors.Seattle is just stunning in this array of colors.I created this table using my new tablecloth and napkins from Candy at PlumCreek. they are so rich and warm and perfect for using anytime but really great with Fall accents. Thank you again so much.I love pumpkin crafts and boy can you get literally lost in Pinterest just looking at all that is out there.How does anyone have time to do that all day long? am I the only one who has life things like work work clean drive work  blah blah blah stuff?Anyway I created this table from Johnson brothers plates I picked up at an antique store the entire set service for four was only ten dollars.What a find I love this richness of all the browns and oranges and shades of reds during this time of year.

the napkins are a deep burgundy color with matching Fall plaid napkins I'm such a sucker for plaids

Can anyone tell me why I am getting this washed out look my camera is brand new but none of the colors are coming out right.I have played with the flash and on the camera they look great but then on the computer they are like this.I would sure appreciate any help or advice on this.

Little acorn napkin rings with mini pinecone clusters  I collected at the beach

Jars of all sorts of goodies to display

                                                        Magnolia pods add that rustic look to all the pumpkins and leaves scattered
Such a warm colorful table I really wish you could see it as I do not this washed out look

my hutches both got a Fall makeover too

I love having a fireplace and mantel to play with. Now I know why some of you gals in Blogland change out your mantel looks so often its so much fun.I hate the tv there (ugly black space) but it is the only place in apt for the cable box.well hope you all have a wonderful warm and Fall week.Hope your mornings are cool and crisp and your days filled with sunshine and colors.Lets enjoy Mother Natures bounty. love to all Susie