Friday, September 18, 2015

First Fall post

Welcome Fall and all your glorious colors.Seattle is just stunning in this array of colors.I created this table using my new tablecloth and napkins from Candy at PlumCreek. they are so rich and warm and perfect for using anytime but really great with Fall accents. Thank you again so much.I love pumpkin crafts and boy can you get literally lost in Pinterest just looking at all that is out there.How does anyone have time to do that all day long? am I the only one who has life things like work work clean drive work  blah blah blah stuff?Anyway I created this table from Johnson brothers plates I picked up at an antique store the entire set service for four was only ten dollars.What a find I love this richness of all the browns and oranges and shades of reds during this time of year.

the napkins are a deep burgundy color with matching Fall plaid napkins I'm such a sucker for plaids

Can anyone tell me why I am getting this washed out look my camera is brand new but none of the colors are coming out right.I have played with the flash and on the camera they look great but then on the computer they are like this.I would sure appreciate any help or advice on this.

Little acorn napkin rings with mini pinecone clusters  I collected at the beach

Jars of all sorts of goodies to display

                                                        Magnolia pods add that rustic look to all the pumpkins and leaves scattered
Such a warm colorful table I really wish you could see it as I do not this washed out look

my hutches both got a Fall makeover too

I love having a fireplace and mantel to play with. Now I know why some of you gals in Blogland change out your mantel looks so often its so much fun.I hate the tv there (ugly black space) but it is the only place in apt for the cable box.well hope you all have a wonderful warm and Fall week.Hope your mornings are cool and crisp and your days filled with sunshine and colors.Lets enjoy Mother Natures bounty. love to all Susie


  1. Beautiful fall table and love your china. Johnson Bros. has wonderful patterns and this a lovely example. Your hutches and mantle are so pretty with all the autumn decorations. Your colors in the photos have a soft shade. If you are using your flash it may be causing this. I don't use a flash but just set the camera with out the flash and the light from outside is best but might need lights from the room. You can try it with different lights on when photographing. Your fall decor is fabulous!


    1. Hi Pam thank you so much for the advice. the problem is my apt is so dark with virtually no natural light coming in. when I use the flash everything just washes out. I wish the true colors came thru. I am not making any claims on photography but its a brand new camera. oh well I 'm trying thanks for not only helping but liking my post I so appreciate it.Susie

  2. Your table is gorgeous! Love all the beautiful colors. Your photos look great. Photography is my downfall. I either need a new camera or a new photographer. I would like to fire myself, but can't. Sometimes I really love my tablescapes and then I see the photos and think, that is not what it looks like! Anyway your sure have some beautiful items on your table. I love it all.

    1. Hi Valerie it's always so good to hear from you. I love getting your comments almost as much as I just love hearing from you. How are you? hope your Fall is coming in well and with lots of color and cooling off. It is so good to enjoy Fall colors and cool temps.Something we didn't have to much of in San Diego.Getting used to the rain it 's not so depressing yet like I imagined Seattle being. thanks for enjoying my post can't wait to see yours.Susie

  3. Susie, Your tablescape is fabulous! Love the table linens!!!! I love the fall colors and all of the lovely fall accents on the table. Kudos on the best thrifty purchase of the year, this Johnson Brothers china pattern is perfect for your fall tablescape. Love the Fall decor in the china cabinets and on the fireplace mantel too.

    I have an Olympus camera, when the camera comes on it is on the "P" setting which is the setting for programming the camera manually. When I accidentally leave it on that setting my pictures look washed out and on the "blue" side. I really have no desire to learn how to manually set this camera for how many lumens and any of the other conditions and variables possible. I almost always use the "Auto" setting because it adjusts everything according to the lighting conditions. It is best to use a tripod (I bought mine at Goodwill for four dollars) because the length of time will vary depending on the light conditions for the aperture to be open. Putting the camera on a 2 second delay when using the tripod will help eliminate any blurring at all. I have used some of the preprogrammed settings for low light conditions too. The tripod is a must for those settings. Secondly: Do you use PicMonkey to help adjust the colors? It is free for the the basic services and it has automatic functions to help make the pictures a little more crisp and to correct some of the color problems you are having. PicMonkey can't work miracles but it can help out a lot. I love being able to crop my pictures on PicMonkey too.

    Have a wonderful Sunday! Hugs, Candy

  4. Susie, your Fall table scape is really bright and colorful, cute jars and napkin holders, keep it up, looking forward to holloween table.I,m proud of you Susie. ROY


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