Thursday, September 24, 2015

Fall in to white

Hello everyone It has been a wonderful week in the great Northwest and the colors around me helped to decide this weeks table . But there is so much color during the Fall sometime we have to step back from to much color and maybe just a little color works just as well.

So I chose creamy whites to offset the wonderful deep magenta of my new favorite tablecloth.the little white pumpkins I made years ago out of white panty hose.they are so easy and so cute and if you cut the top section and the feet section then cut and stuff each leg you can get about ten pumpkins per set of panty hose. pretty cheap decor.

Does anyone else agree with me that Sept flew by like the quickest month so far this year? where did this month go?

 I used my white soup tureen as the centerpiece and mixed in little white soup crocks I haven't decided which soup to fill them in  everybody would go for pumpkin or a rich butternut squash but I think maybe just some good ole chili and cornbread will work.
 I Pulled out my Indian corn ,pine cones in several sizes, my dried magnolia pods ,some leaves and acorns only to me.
e sunflower for a little pop of color, I've used my antique battinberg lace napkins with leaf napkin rings that Candy gifted me last year.I love the softness of this table but it stills speaks broadly
 the soup is on
don't forget to stare at my purse smack dabbed in the middle of floor aka photo shoot

It was a dark evening this night rained all day but the white felt like a ray of sunshine you know like a way of hope

So here is my very fall table with lots of textures an pretty whites

So pretty to enjoy friends over maybe some mulled wine or hot toddies 

 anyway it set the tone for weeks to come I have one  more for sept probably post on Sunday still got to save the best for one more. we get to do to bring in the best of the last show but wait I have more in store for you. have warm wonderful days ahead. pretty soon the clocks fall back.Happy Fall you all. give lots of warm hugs to all. join us for Just the scoop, susan at between naps on the porch and confessions of a plate addict. bring us your very best tablescapes for we love you and enjoy your works,Susan


  1. I love this table! White is so pleasing to the eye. It is nice and relaxing to see a table that is more subtle in color. Great table. I love your clever idea making those stunning and adorable pumpkins. I had never seen this before. This month has flown by. I am glad though because I have such allergies and in October they will go away. Did you post this on Tablescape Thursday because I didn't see it there. I found this gorgeous tablescape through email only. Have a great week Susie. Thanks.

  2. Hi Val I try to post on Tablescape Thursdays but some times my brain is to addled to remember if I made it in time. thanks as always for the great compliments.while at the thrift store today I came across these adorable plates of Irish St Patrick's Day High heeled shoes and thought of you.I said this is something Valerie would grab up and make a fabulous table from.I 'm sorry to hear about your allergies and hope you get some relief for Oct and Nov. I will be posting this week.been very busy at new job but have time today to it.Susie


I appreciate your comments and critiques. Thank you so much.