Sunday, March 22, 2015

Here Comes the Easter Bunny

 Happy Easter to everyone.!The Easter Bunny arrived early and boy is he multiplying around the house.

These beautiful square chargers were purchased at a local antique store they were already marked down 50%  off and while I was standing there the owner came up and marked them to 75% all four were a total of $10. are you serious ? take me take me home they screamed so I did.
 Here there everywhere hopping in and hopping about

The runner down the center of the table completely looked and felt like sheep's wool and I thought it looked great so warm and fuzzy 

The Napkin rings were found at GW for $1.25 for four they hopped right in my basket .I have to stop letting things do that  all it does is increase my obsession with napkin rings. 

Have to have a bunny cake plate right?

Each place setting is a different color and adds to the cute factor. the charms on the glasses are supposed to hang from the cake plate but just couldn't find it in my storage unit so I put them around the glasses instead.

I love these little lambs are they just the cutest little guys you ever saw?

Each place setting as its own dotted plate, a unique charm, an egg holder and napkin rings that way every body feels special. I don't use name tags I like everybody to sit where they want or next to whom they want.

 The plaid tablecloth is fabric from Walmart I couldn't find the right plaid for Easter, like trying to find the right tartan plaid at Christmas this pink material was perfect.

these two little sweeties came home with me too .Funny I can't remember where they came from .see I have a problem of items just jumping into my cart then when I get home all I can say is AHHHH.(Gotta stop doing this too)!

No I didn't make these cookies they are actually ornaments but I can pass them off real good as homemade cookies as long as no one tries to eat one.

                                   These playful little bunnies are having a ball playing on my table just too cute.

Well I think I got the cute factor covered for Easter I don't have any littles to buy or create baskets for but if I did I sure would have fun dying eggs hiding them and creating all sorts of great goodies for them.Oh the baskets I would create mile high with the best solid chocolate bunnies ( definitely better than the hollow version)eggs crammed everywhere,jelly beans to make your mouth water,sixlets in every size and color, giant marshmallow lollipops,peeps in every size and oohh the colors of Peeps .If you love Peeps head to Target they have a huge Peeps display, baskets filled with everything Peeps colorful and bright and so eye catching. well I got to tell you when I get to be a grand ma  I will go Easter basket Crazy with all the goodies. Oh yea and throw a few coloring books in there and some new Easter dresses and hats. Oh yea bring it on I am so ready!!!!. Hope you all have great ideas for spending your Easter Day. Me I will be joining Susan at Between Naps On The Porch,,Donna at Funky Junk Interiors and all the great people putting Join the Scoop together. Have a great week .I sure am going to try to..Susie

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Spring has sprung yea

Hello everybody well Spring is here and boy is it glorious the colors the scents the beauty the POLLEN !!!

I picked up these dishes as a set of four at a thrift store they were a steal at 1.25 for all four flower and bird plates.The problem is everything is in my storage unit and when unpacking (after trying to find and sort) I could only find two right now so this will be a table for two only

 The flowers are the azaleas and camellias from the yard.I added this little bird in a cloche and what else shouts spring but bird cages
                                                                           I set the entire stack to resemble the petals of a flower  and again I am working with what I have here
there are three colors of azaleas and two of the camellias aren't they so pretty?

Soft green glassware thank you Dollar Tree you saved me from digging thru 65 bins to find the right glasses.

This second plate depicts a beautiful yellow bird. the other two plates still in
  storage one plate has a green watering can and the other one has another lovely little blue bird on it.
The napkins have little birds on them  and just a little touch of Paris so cute

Even the glassware I found at a thrift store and when I first went and found these white goblets there was a service for 12 in two sizes I went back two days later to purchase more and could kick myself they were all gone Darn it. Does that happen to any of you .? You buy just a few pieces then go back for more sets and they're sold out on you.? well moving forward with my job search and enjoying the Spring season in full bloom. I don't enjoy the green pollen that covers my car in inches every day but I can tolerate it for a while at least I don't have allergies Hope you all have a healthy safe wonderful week. I will be linking up to FUnky JUnk Interiors, Lets join the Scoop and of course with Susan at Between Naps on the Porch. thank you all for your kind words of encouragement .It has truly warmed my heart Susie

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Bumblebee kind of day

Hello my friends I have lots to tell this week and in reality it has been very depressing week.So saying that I wanted something that was bright colorful, happy and definitely springy so I came up with my bumblebee bonanza

 I gathered all my bumble bee stash and actually got  quite a few new gentleman whom I came up here to care for passed away on Feb27 after slipping into a coma for 7 days. He was granted his last wish to stay in his home and was surrounded by his loved ones.

 I held his hand to the last minute and waved goodbye as he was driven off to his final resting place in a dodge minivan. the humor of that moment stayed with me 

But when I presented this table on the eve of his coma the gentleness of his heart when he saw it he cried for the beauty it bought in his home

tiny little bumblebees everywhere just as cute as a bug can be any other bug better run for their life or I am calling RAID

even the salt n pepper got bee d


Alittle bowl jumped in on the bee scene too

I used a mini black cake stand to elevate the flowers and it too has a bee on it sorry I didn't get better pictures I did get a better one when I used my cell phone.

If you look closely you can see a cast iron coffee grinder and coffee mill that I used around the napkins just for a little more drama and effect

So life is changing once more although I have been blessed to stay here rent free for six months I don't have a job to live on again. So once more I am asking my friends in blog land for your prayers in searching for a job.I know I will get rejected again and have to keep trying but the entire process is so daunting. hope you all have a great week spring is so close and everything where I now live is already in bloom.the dogwoods ,azaleas ,camellias,almond trees are beautiful in their colors the citrus trees are all in full bloom grasses are bright green and I went on a hike to a place called Table Mt where all you see for miles are hilltops full of every color wildflowers.Come join me at Between naps on the Porch ,Funky Junk Interiors and Lets join the Scoop .hugs and love to all Susie