Saturday, September 5, 2015

Labor day weekend

Happy Labor Day to everyone I hope you all have a wonderful safe Holiday. let us thank all those who have served Our country to keep us safe over the years and in the future.My son served in the Navy and I am very thankful for his service and everyone else who protects our Nation. my phone and computer both went on the fritz this week and I am lucky to get any pics at all.

I did a real quick Labor Day table I'm not doing anything but working and I had another table I really had my mind on. Sorry these pictures are so horrible. Can't figure the new phone out yet and how to put pics on the computer.

I have different flag plates for each setting purchased at a local thrift store . boy does it amaze me  what people get rid of and I am for ever thankful they do.

I purchased this cake plate from Temp-tations and couldn't wait to use it I love the bold colors

 Well I hope everyone is ready for Fall Here in Seattle its like Fall has come rushing in. the temps here have been so cold but hey I'm ready to decorate so bring it on.

I recently won a give away From Candy At Plum Creek(I love her tables she is so magnificent) and she sent me this huge stash of tablecloths, napkins,tea towels placemats and potholders.Thank you Candy this pic does not do justice to the beauty of this fabric.I can't wait to put my Fall table together using this. Thank you so much. Please be careful driving our littles are all back in school and we need to pay attention to busses again and keep them safe. have a good Holiday friends . see you at Susan's Between naps on the Porch, Funky Junk Interiors and Join the Scoop. If someone you know has problems, health issues , family crisis lift them up in prayer and just let them know your are thinking of them.Susie


  1. Let me be the first to tell you that this is a beautiful tablescape! Love the way you put it all together. The flag draped across the table is only the beginning of a beautiful setting. Your plates and the way you have combined them is charming. I love all the details and the way you filled in the center area. Love, love, love the cake plate. I have some Temptations pieces but have never seen a cake plate of any kind let alone the adorable one you have.

    I also really enjoyed reading you blog post and your thoughtfulness for others. Have a good weekend dear friend.

  2. I do love the table that you have put together to honor Labor Day. Love the flag plates and the cake plate rocks with red, white, and blue! I feel your pain with the camera and computer woes. I know how challenging it can be to try and get a post done when nothing is going right. I have been MIA because I have not had the energy (mental or physical energy) to work on my blog for several weeks. Have a wonderful weekend..... Candy


I appreciate your comments and critiques. Thank you so much.