Friday, September 11, 2015

pretty in pink summer's over

Hello everybody I hope you all enjoyed your Labor Day weekends .Did everybody have BBQ's or get to do anything? I had to work so I didn't get to do anything.But that's ok.With Fall fast approaching and everyone dying to post for all the Fall colors myself included, I wanted to say good bye to summer in style and create a very posh table in it's regard. Also I now have a new roommate in my life and I wanted to welcome her with a really nice tablescape.

I had purchased this rose table runner after falling in Love with Valerie's tables in CandleLightYourSupper but just haven't used it.Thanks Val you have me hooked.I picked up these adorable little dessert plates ( I know what you are saying oh no she added more to her collections YEP) they are about shoes which I know nothing about but I love the colors. 

I made some little desserts to put out and put some oreos out I know but they look great against the pinks and I love them

I went with a very fancy tea well fancy for me with lots of pink stuff I gathered around the house.

Each plate has it's own saying and seeing as I wouldn't know flats from peek abos I just went with a bunch of mini shoes I already had. besides who wants shoes all over your table? I do own a pair of pink flats that I filled with pink roses for the centerpiece

Each place setting had their own special pink teacup sorry can't figure how to load cell phone pics and leave the camera behind then the lighting wouldn't suck on my pics

I remember owning an adorable little sundress like this about thirty years ago not the shoes though

I even picked out a rose pink hibiscus tea for our tea party

aren't these jeweled mini demitasse forks so cute?

Now on this pink little number can you imagine just dancing all night?

delicate little tea cups oh so sweet

the only real shoes on the table

could not find blue ballet slippers anywhere to bad.

The table was just beautiful it really bothers me to take the time get it out of my head on to a table and the camera ruins the lighting.this table is so soft and feminine a perfect table for an early evening tea.

With little delicate shoes at each place I felt like it could have been Cinderella 

as did the fine satin and lace napkins

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My best Depression glasses came out to join the table too  
Well I hope you all enjoyed my send off to Summer. I really enjoyed creating this. I welcome Holle my new new roommate my new friend and her beautiful cats into our home. I also have great reasons to celebrate as of this week. I will be the new assistant Pastry chef at the Seattle Seahawks  stadium. Finally a job worthy of waiting for.Now I can rush headlong into decorating for Fall and I can't wait to create a Fall table. Wishing you all a wonderful week. hope your days are filled with love in abundace. stop by and join me while I join Susan at Between Naps on the Porch, Confessions of a Plate addict, Join the Scoop for great decorating ideas and Funky Junk Interiors with Donna.Happy Fall to All.Love Susie


  1. Susie, how many times do you wantme to rave over your Table Scapes, each one gets better and better. I also remember that cute dress you looked very pretty in it. Bye for now Susie. Congrats Roy

    1. You always say the sweetest things. yes I remember thoses little sundresses of long ago. have to admit I was a hottie then but then at seventeen everybody looks good wow have things changed.Susie

  2. Wonderful table! Congratulations on the new job and the new roommate. :-)

    1. Thanks Joy for the vote of confidence for me. I 'm looking forward to good things finally coming my way.Susie

  3. Congratulations on the new job Susie! I just knew something good would be coming your way! Your table is drop dead gorgeous! I love the pinks and the little shoes are the perfect feminine touch to complement the darling plates. Does your new room mate know that every holiday and season is a celebration exemplified by a beautiful tablescape? My children were all in for our fall birthday party this weekend. I didn't get to take any pictures, another week for me without a tablescape. I am so glad to be enjoying yours today! Have a wonderful week..... Hugs, Candy

  4. Hi Candi thank you for stopping by and always leaving a sweet comment.Yes I am starting my job this monday yea and hoping it should be loud and alot of fun. cooking for the Seattle sea hawks and 74000 people so it will be a glad your boys were all home for you what a joy to share quite time I would give anything to have my boys back and shairng in my lifehope health wise you are ok I miss our long susie


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