Monday, October 19, 2015

white n black mantel

Happy Halloween Everybody.I have been working twelve hour days for twelve days for the Seattle Seahawks I am so exhausted

It is very hard taking pictures of a mirror. you 
 don't want to appear in the mirror and I was always taught so your image or shadow doesn't appear to stand back at an angle, I filled one of my apothecary jars with little bits o Halloween fun in it some eye of newt eyeballs, toads breath, bat droppings witches's bane all kinds of good creepy stuff. Then I joined this real pretty glass jar with a  few of my other favorite pretties.

I wanted to create a small vignette for my next blog post but I didn't want to change out my prior tablescape I had created with Winnie sitting pretty on her thrown

The background appears to have a black drape over it sorry it doesn't

 I pulled together white and black pumpkins got  my treasure jar filled with all kinds of wonderful treasures, beach glass, driftwood feathers from an eagle, moss from Fairie forest,dried flowers from my hike at Mt Ranier all kinds of neat stuff.

A black marbelized cake plate  anchors the edge

 lites around the edges of the mirror give that either romantic feeling or that somewhat creepy feeling
I even added some sparkly Halloween bling to shine on my mantel. Hope you have enjoyed this little cheep thrills of mine.Happy Halloween to you from Seattle come join us for spooks and fun at ALL TH E BLOGS WE HANG OUT AT..LOve to you ALL SUSIE 


  1. I love the black and white on your mantel. I always think it is so fun to use colors that are unusual and a little more elegant. Your jar full of spooky tidbits is perfect.

  2. Susie the blacks and whites are eye catching, and the blue lights were a nice touch.Every thing looks beautiful. Good setting Susie. ROY

  3. I love the black and white mantel decor, it looks very pretty and elegant. Nice change of colors for a fall mantel-scape.


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