Wednesday, October 7, 2015

white and black Halloween

Well this week brings us the first week of October which for me begins  the fun for Halloween. I love all the creative juices flowing out there and all the wonderful ideas of tables we all come up with

 I love any color for Halloween,but for my first table went with black and white classic. I will be using other colors for more Halloween tables but the black n white just called to me.You know when the idea rolls around in your brain for a while.
These black check plates were at my local Gw they were taped together for $4.50 great price had a red tag on them . while I am standing there holding them the loud speaker announces any red tag items in store are only $1.79 woohoo Mine.

  I love these little white pumpkins I can only find them at Trader Joe's and can't wait till they come out every year.Putting anything under cloches always makes them look unique from white pumpkins to skeletons to any treasure I can find.

I love being able to mix patterns dots,stripes, paisleys as long as it's in the same color pattern.Remember when it wasn't cool to ever mix stripes with plaids or other patterns together? How did we abide by such rules in such a creative Universe?

Couldn't wait to deck out my hutches either but I will only be changing out one for the next table.I love all the pops of black against my white hutches. oh I can't wait for Christmas

Ooh I need to put something black back on this top shelf.

Well my blog is about cake plates and I found this three tiered beauty at an antique store clearance out at $4.50 I think you could have heard the Kuchunk of my jaw hitting the floor .Are you serious? wrought iron spider web three tiered cake plate for $4.50? well you know I just had to adopt it and give it a good home.Sorry forgot to get a closeup pic of it

little witches hats are set with each place setting

My hutch is ready and decked out for Halloween

just need to lite the candles and we are all set for a spooky yet classy evening.Hope you all have a healthy safe Fall week with lots of Love and lots of smiles that warm you to your toes.Still out and about seeing what Seattle is all about take care my friends .Susie


  1. Oooooohhhh. I love black and white. You have so many gorgeous Tablescape items. You are so lucky. I love what you have done here. The runner is wonderful. Lots of Spooky elements. I always look for your posts as you are so creative and talented. Plus major kind to me in your comments. The rose plates were purchased a while ago on Ebay. Thanks. Valerie

  2. Wouldn't it be great if we could ever get together imagine what we could create. I love your tables and always look forward to them so much have the perfect draw of what goes well with each other like the candy shoes who does that ? Valerie does it.and you do it perfectly.Susie

  3. Love the black and white... you did a great job!

  4. Tammy you are Awesome thank you as always for your wonderful comments I do so appreciate them.Susie


I appreciate your comments and critiques. Thank you so much.