Thursday, August 21, 2014

A Purple Post

I don't have multiple tables in my apartment to use like so many of you have. I don't have a table out on the patio or porch(don't even have either of them) and sometimes doing up the big dining room table gets to be a big hassle plus I hadn't posted the dining room post yet and yet this inspiration came to me so I decided to use my coffee table. We have to get creative right?

This came about because  I found this beautiful purple and greens Hydrangeas tablecloth with a sticker price of $49.99 by some major company long out of business. Well I seldom (alright ever) purchase anything that would cost a weeks worth of groceries. Ahh but I was in my favorite Good Will and the price on this beauty was only $2.99 before I could think about buying this a woman walked by and when she did she hit the shelf and this literally fell in my cart. Honestly!!!!  

So I continued shopping really just window shopping when I found these purple and green goblets also for only 2 for $1.00 even I could afford this. So now I have the idea for this table only I didn't have a table to use.

I mixed and matched two place settings from my spring collection of plates. the purples and the greens were perfect matches with the colors in the tablecloth.I had these little dessert pansy forks that I love and use quite often.

I used my blue pillows from the couch as cushions to sit on.I don't do Sushi so I thought maybe some Chinese take-out would work with this scenario


I have this very versatile bird cage that I filled with hydrangeas and used my little chair napkin rings purchased from Pier One several years ago

Here is a view looking down on the table with the accent on the purple and green goblets and a little candle lite

Here I used the green and purple together .Again using my spring plates for this

The little chairs were just for decoration as I tied the napkins together and that way they didn't need a ring to hold them.

These are actually purple stem ware from GoodWill. Gosh I love the bargains you can find there

Added the pearls cascading out for just a touch of elegance

had to add my purple,green and light blue beads for a little bit of Glam

 I did purple on purple with purple chargers, purple or green  plates dark purple dessert plates and the little gold dessert forks that are dark purple with pansies on them .then combined sage green napkins with dark purple and just plain silver flatware 

Miss Cassie Bu didn't want to be bothered with picture taking

                                     I layered purple,blue and green Hydrangeas in the cage to give it a more fuller effect

Sitting on the little chairs are mini clusters of purple flowers

A long view of the table you can really see the  colors in this cloth. Don't you think I matched them pretty well?

I could have used the creams that are in this too but just couldn't find anything at the moment that matched.I think I am going to like sitting on the floor tonight and order in being that I found such great bargains I 'll splurge on the Chinese food. Hope summer isn't getting you down.It hasn't been to hot in S Cal this summer but our hottest months are yet to come. Join me at Tablescape Thursday With Susan at Between Naps On the porch.


  1. This is really beautiful! I love all those colors! That tablecloth was definitely meant for you, with falling into your basket! LOL! Too funny!

    Great job!


    1. I was serious about it falling in my cart to bad it didn't know how to jump out!!!! Have a great week.Susie

  2. This is definitely my favorite colors put together and those gorgeous pansy spoons are quite the find! Definitely having spoon envy!
    If you hadn't told us you were using the coffee table I wouldn't have known! I have done that before too. Anything works and this worked beautifully!

    1. Coming from the Purple Queen this is quite a comment thank you. I got the spoons on ebay they were a discontinued item and I am glad I snatched them up.compared to the tables you put out I am the one who is in envy of you. thanks for stopping by.Susie

  3. I am so glad that you decided to keep the is the background for a beautiful table. Purple tables seem to be coming more and more popular.
    Have a wonderful weekend, Susie.

  4. Thank you for stopping by if you subscribe to many blogs you will notice how many of us chose purple tones this week. It's like we all connected cosmically.Susie

  5. Purple and all of it's pretty shades from lilac to violet seems to be decorating tabletops quite profusely lately. I am starting to get purple envy. Your "table" is perfectly charming Suzie. The hydrangea tablecloth is a lovely backdrop to the greens and purples of your plates and the wine glasses. The birdcage spilling over with purple and green hydrangeas makes a wonderful centerpiece. Goodwill is my favorite resource for pretty tablecloths, and napkins too for that matter.

  6. Lovely purple table on a beautiful tablecloth. I love the cute story of the tablecloth and I love a bargain too! Great job pulling it all together!

  7. I can't believe you found that table linen for only 2.99 and then found the stemware for a steal at the same place. I don't think I've ever had a score that good in one place. I love the linen with the place setting, and I really love the flowers you picked to finish it all off. Just as lovely as can be!

    I'm late getting around to visits but so glad that I made it here and didn't miss this. My daughter had oral surgery a few days ago, and we've been just a little distracted at my place.

    (And I don't do sushi, either! Blech!)

  8. Wow! I'm drooling over that tablecloth!! What a find! And you coordinated it beautifully with your dishes, stemware and linens. Absolutely lovely!! Thanks for sharing............Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

  9. And this is pretty, too! Love it!


    Sheila :-)


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