Sunday, December 13, 2015

Its all about the Details

Christmas is a time when we really think about details. making the perfect meal, decorating the perfect tree ,making our homes look perfect for families and loved ones.

The napkins perfect in their shape the glasses set just at the right angle,

Buying the perfect gift, making lists and checking things off

everything to be just perfect like the details on these little gingerbread houses so unique and decorated with such skill

stockings to hang and fill, treats to bake for everyone cards to write and send

Christmas pageants to attend,shopping to be done, lites to untangle and put up,

The boxes bought down from the attics or in from the garage or up from the basement.The sorting and choosing  which ornaments to hang this year which ones didn't make it

So much for all of us to do to make this a perfect holiday .We always want this year to be the best, the one we will remember for years to come where all the details came together and made the ideal perfect Christmas.HOW do we do it? Oh yea throw in Holiday parties and little kinks in the overall perfection like the littles are sick with colds and flu. Then there's the worry about money and the credit cards when they come due to pay for all of this perfection.

So why do we seek this perfection every year every Holiday?

When a tiny baby was born there was no perfection.He didn't have a warm incubator it wasn't even clean 

No in fact he was born in a stable in the dead of cold winter's night. Where there was no perfection except his perfect timing into this world.

So as we All strive for the perfect Holiday the perfect present, the perfect baked cookie, whatever perfect you are trying to achieve take a deep breath and smile and say thank you for making me  perfect in every way you tiny baby that was born for me  in a very unperfect way. Then you can get back to trying achieve perfect Christmas and don't forget the child's Tylenol cause the little's are  still sick. Wishing you a joyful stress free week.Please join for fun,ideas,recipes,inspirations and friends at Between Naps on the porch,Design Enthusiam, Home is where the Boat is ,Ivy and Elephants.Confessions of a Serious do it yourselfer,Cupcakes and Crinolines, Cnadlelightyour Supper, Magic Hutch and so many more see you all Susie    

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  1. I just saw this tonight. What a fun and happy table. I love love love the stripe plates. I would like to find some like that. I see them in Blogland but I have never seen them at any store. Love the gingerbread houses, This is one fun and whimsical table. I love how you mentioned the true meaning of Christmas. Merry Christmas Susie. Wishing you all the best for now and for years to come. Valerie


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