Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Happy Candy Corn Halloween

I wanted to post my last Halloween table so I can move on the my Fall scapes Candy corn makes me happy

These marshmallow pops came from the dollar store and are nestled in the napkins waiting to be eaten but afraid the witch will come instead

Maybe if I leave her a trail of goodies she'll fly away

To bad candy corn doesn't come as glass beads I would snatch them up to use right away

This plate has mister skull on it.Did she bring unknown guests?

Is this a picture of where she lives?

I made candy corn pumpkins out of childrens candy corn socks aren't they adorable

I bet she cuddles up with these candy corn napkins at night to use as her blanket

I think I will just invite her for lunch maybe we'll have a good time

she can leave her friend at home it would take a lot of lunches to put some meat on his bones

I set the table with  her favorite colors of black  and orange even gave her a pumpkin placemat just to let her know her place

slow down already quit eating all the appetizers

I made candy corn from bottles ( I Had to finish all the wine before she got to them yep and I enjoyed every drop)

I think it is a nice and cheery table, don't care if my guest  of a witch doesn't like the nice bright sunlight coming through

I like all the oranges and yellows it makes for a Happy Halloween

The big pops of yellow help to just brighten every thing up.

I went to the dollar store and got these candycorn pops just for her kinda like a token to take home with I hope she likes them

well I haven't decided on a menu yet I  mean what do you serve a witch and her guests when they suddenly just pop in?
does this just shout happy to you

candy corn pops YUM

well I hope the table is to her liking  and that we have a nice lunch together

just some pics of the whole table

Well I hope you have enjoyed my Happy Candy corn table and hopefully it brought a smile on your face. Keep smiling no matter what life throws at you sometimes it will make people wonder what your up to. And you don't have to tell them.have a good week will be joining Susan at Between Naps on the Porch and a few others ..


  1. hi Susie, Your candy corn table is rockin'! Love love the painted bottles and the candy corn pop~ your plates are too fabulous! Candy corn is such a happy creation!

    1. Thanks Jenna for leaving such a nice comment doesn't candy corn just make your whole mouth happy?Susie

  2. Such a wonderful, whimsical table! I really like those Halloween plates.

    1. Hi Bev thanks for writing it's good to hear from you have agreat week.Susie

  3. The Halloween plates are really cute. I love the way you have used them in with all of the candy corn goodies. The candy corn pops are adorable and the painted candy corn bottles make a great centerpiece. Well done dear lady!


I appreciate your comments and critiques. Thank you so much.