Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Fall vignettes

Well now that I have done my Halloween  posts I can move on to my Fall posts
Like everybody else my place has been ready for Fall for a while now but when I decorate for a holiday I do the entire space except I don't have any outdoor spaces to work with 

So this is how I transformed  both my dining and living rooms for  the Autumn season with lots of colors and textures. I love pumpkins in every shape and form and have quite a variety of pumpkins in my various patches through out.

 Here are some grapevine ones great texture on these

my purple hutch even gets set for Fall

this little beauty I just refinished a very old little chair from my Grandfather

                             I used a cupcake stand here filling it with various pumpkins and Fall looks
                                   Here is my cabinet all decked out including a Fall cake plate

                                    What about some plaid pumpkins aren't they cute ?

I filled my trifle bowl with  mini pumpkins in all kinds of materials

Well that's it for my Fall decor now I can start working on my tables but that's for other posts later on have a great week. come join us at between naps on the porch,confessions of a plate addict let's scoop and all the other blogs I  am going to link up with. See ya!Susie


  1. Great touches! I especially like the silver pumpkins.

    1. Hi Bev sorry couldn't get back to you my harddrive crashed and didn't have my computer for a week. thanks for stopping by hope you have been well. Susie

  2. I'm in love with the plaid pumpkins! Love that orange and black. I wish I had a couple yards of that material to make some pumpkins with and a tablecloth and some napkins. Using the cupcake stand for the little faux pumpkins is a great idea. Makes me wish I had a cupcake stand too. Have a great day!! Candy

    1. Hi Candy so sorry I haven't written back but just explained my computer hard drive went and was without for a week. I pick up pumpkins when I go to craft shows and bazaars and just fell in love with the plaids how unique are they? Hope all is going well with you.

  3. Susie, everything looks so pretty. Plaid pumpkins are one of my favorites too. I love that silver cake plate with the grape pattern. It's gorgeous. How clever to use the cupcake stand for pumpkin display. laurie

    1. Hi Laurie sorry for not responding and thanks for your great comment. I love my silver cake stand it looks so regal and elegant and I thought the little cupcake stand was so cute too.Susie


I appreciate your comments and critiques. Thank you so much.