Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Purple Tea for Three

Wow can you believe we are coming to the last week of April already? It seems we were all just waiting for Spring to get here. Hello Friends How has your week been? It seems Seattle has been so beautiful in its blooming glory with all the pink trees and now they are back to green and done already. So sad

One of the great trees just coming into bloom are the lilacs,light purples dark purples and whites and their scents are everywhere.We didn't have many lilacs in San Diego so just seeing them is a joy .I go and cut overhanging branches(you know the ones that are on the free side of properties) and bought some tulips too and the scent as soon as I walk in my apartment is so wonderfully sweet.

So I created this table after gathering some purple stuff around the house

Around lilacs as my focal point I wish computers had smell a vision so pretty.

I used my purple butterfly cake plate it's so pretty on it's side you can really see the pattern better

I know the pattern is pansies but the colors are what I was going for

I love this little tea cup it has a butterfly as the cup handle.Do you remember how a collection starts? Or where the first piece began? I have no clue but still try to pick up pieces in this pattern whenever I see something new and unique.

I love the light in this apt my pics don't come out half as dark as the other apartment I had

This looks so nice with all the natural light coming in

I love the different colors and patterns for my napkins.

I changed out the lilacs alone and added the tulips(save for another blog post)

Well that's it for me this  week I hope you are all well and not sneezing to much from all the pollen.Boy do have alot of that here.Stop by at some of the fabulous blogs out ther.I know Susan at Between Naps on the Porch will be traveling for a couple of weeks and I wish her an amazing journey and wonderful adventures.But there is May Days, Design Enthusiasm, Purple Chocolat Home,Kathe with an E and so many many more .Just pick one you will be hooked.Have a great week my friends and spread a little LOVE around.we can all use the extra.Love Susie


  1. SUSIE, I do wish their was smell-a-vision, lilacs are real colorful.ROY

  2. As soon as it's invented I'll hook you up so you could smell them

  3. Gorgeous! I think this is one of my favorite posts you have done. My favorite colors. And... I can actually smell the heady fragrance. Gorgeous!

    1. I love purple flowers pansies are my favorite but I do so love the scent of the lilacs like you do Valerie. Here we have dark purple and the white ones are twice as strong scented as the purple. just pure JOY. Love Susie

  4. Lilacs are such a beautiful and fragrant flower and I love all the colours they come in. Your table looks lovely set with your purple hued china and lilacs. I doubt very much if I will be able to get any lilacs this year because my friend who gave me some every year has sold her house. I will miss them in my home. Thank you for sharing and linking, Susie, and enjoy the rest of your day.


  5. Dear Susie:
    I think your pansy tea pieces are so lovely! And lilacs smell so divine. I feel sorry for all the folks with allergies who can't smell all the wonderful springtime flowers. Love your tea time!

    1. Thanks Bernideen for stopping by.What kind of flowers grow special in your neck of the woods? Isn't Spring and Mother Nature glorious?LoveSusie


I appreciate your comments and critiques. Thank you so much.