Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Red Squares

Hello Everybody. Hope your weeks have been very good and everybody is enjoying their Spring.I've been without internet for a week and was busy moving and reconnecting so I am just now back on line.I have missed you all and missed blogging these past couple of weeks 

I've been wanting to do a dessert table using these little dessert plates I have had for years but had to wait till it all came together mainly finding the red square plates.Yea for Target finally.

So in my new apt I decided to put together this table.I love cake plates in every shape and color. These little dessert plates each depict a different cake plate and I tried to replicate them on my own.

They are such delicate and fragile plates so I used a very delicate lace table cloth under them and my finest red wine goblets.

I added little tiny cupcakes I thought would serve well and they are yellow like the plates.

The lace square plates underneath the stack  go well with the lace underneath

They just look so French to me

I don't know if I love the desserts better or the different cake plates that hold the wonderful desserts

Red is such a great color to work with it's so vital and strong.

I can't believe how much brighter this apt is and with less windows I didn't even have to turn on the lights or use a flash.

I love the cupcakes and was going to make little donuts to put on the cake plates too but then I would have to eat them all and I 'm just not up to that.

But I still wasn't happy with the way the cake plates stacked up.

So I removed the cupcakes and added another tier of a cake plate.what do you think?

Well that's it for this week . Again I hope you are all well. I love Spring in Seattle.the trees blooming have this magnificent lime green color with cherry blossoms and rhododendrons blooming in mass everywhere just these wild pops of color and textures and yes LOTS AND LOTS OF POLLEN. But Wow such a site to see. Join us at Between Naps on the Porch,May Days,Design Enthusiasm,Candlelight your Supper and so many other fabulous blogs. You can't imagine how much creativity is out there .Have a great week.Love Susie 


  1. SUSIE, the REDS were Beautiful,and I,m glad your enjoying Spring Time in Seattle. ROY

  2. wish you were here to share it with Susie

  3. Loving the red! It's making a bold and beautiful statement. I need to add more red to my tablescape goodies. Your table is wonderful :-)

    1. Christine welcome to my blog.I love your tables.Red is bold isnt it I tend to think of it as passionate.Hope your are having a great Spring week.Love Susie

  4. Love your new cake plates! Your table is very pretty! Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

    1. Rosie you are welcome to come on my page any time.I love the MagicHutch you always inspire me.Love Susie


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