Monday, January 11, 2016

New look for Etargere

Hello everybody I hope your new Years is off to a great start. over the New year  I decided to give my old brown etargere a new start on life.When I purchased this piece several years ago It was my first intro to Thrift store furniture

Even my hutch got anew look after the Holidays 
I added this little shelf found at a thrift store day after Christmas for only $1.99
with the door hinges hanging off scuff marks and scratches everywhere and really ready for garage heap. But it was senior day and only $7.00 so I borrowed a truck and decided to give it a new home. I took the rotted doors off gave it good sanding and polished the wood and the old girl started shining thru.

But for five years that's all I did for it.I have been wanting to give her a new facelift and finally went for it

So I sanded her down again and gave her a new paint job .YEah now you can actually see what's inside her
You can see my individual vignettes within and my collections
Now you can see the items within and don't have to look like you are looking into dark hole.  
I think she looks splendid and fits my room so much better. have a good week join us at all the great blogs out there.Susie
teacups and lace look so much better with light

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