Thursday, November 12, 2015

A November Breakfast

Well can you believe we are into our second week of November? where did this  month go already ? Where has this year gone already? I made a simple table this week of a country breakfast.My jadeite cake stand came out to play in the center of the table

Hello dear bloggers I hope you all had a good week maybe it wasn't great for everyone and maybe some of us were under the weather,but I hope you are all feeling better and it can be a good week for you.This table was created using another very popular food during the Fall and this time I used Apples for my inspiration.

Green apples caught my imagination today such a versatile food.You can serve it in so many ways and is so nutritious for us.The plates have a country animal barnyard feel to them.Yes I could of scoured thrift stores and put a bunch of sheep or fake cows and maybe some chickens wandering around but plainly just didn't feel like it.

So I just kept it real simple. the real reason for today's blog was to impart something else here today. other than pretty dishes or tables.

I have been going on about the beauty of Seattle and wanted to share what I get to see here in my new state.

So these are some pics I have taken of some of the beauty I have found here. this is Fall pic I stopped my car and took on the way up to Mt Rainier one day.

It was early morning and the mists were just clearing the mountains

Here is my Rainier.Ok its not mine per say but it is one of the main reasons I moved here.

It's so majestic and regal and it makes us feel so small on the grand scheme of things .I mean come on  I 'm a Pastry Chef who plays with making pretty tables I don't create majestic  gorgeous mountains DO YOU?

Or make beautiful green ponds like this?

But I did stand beneath it to forever capture that Kodak moment

this used to be lake Tipsoo now its a baby puddle
This magnificence personified.Thank you Awesome God for giving us this grandeur beauty all around us and now i want to tell all you women out there about Brave Heart Women . Run join send you wife send you girlfriend bring your mother.bring your sister bring out colleagues to a world wide phenomenal event

I am talking about joining A group of women who are doing some  great imprints on and in their info to all women.  A group that helps women discover their full potential, by being supportive  of and for all other women.This is so simple there are no special tools, no life long changes just acknowledging ourselves and the beauty within each of us. If you are interested please google Brave Heart women and enjoy. Hope yo send lots of LOVE your way this week to all of you . Stop by some great blogs  out there,Ivy and Elephants, Join the scoop, Design Enthusiam Betwween naps on the Porch and so many more .Love,Susie 


  1. Seattle is so beautiful! I am sure it is a constant source of inspiration. Apples are the perfect inspiration for a pretty table. Your Jadelite cake stand is so pretty.

    1. Hi Barb Yes Seattle is so beautiful.I try to get out and just explore.I am constantly finding little pockets of treasures to see everywhere.the Jadeite cake stand cam e from World Market.Thanks for stopping by.Susie

  2. Love all your beautiful photos of your outdoor and Seattle. My husband loved it when he lived there. Makes me miss the mountains and cool air too:) Enjoy your beautiful season! XO-Wendi@H2OBungalow

    1. Thanks Wendi for such a nice comment .Yes the air is surely more crisp and fresh up here.Beautiful area of our country. Susie


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