Monday, November 16, 2015

Cuisine Kathleen's November bundt challange

Yea our annual Bundt Challenge is here again thanks to our wonderful Host Kathleen from Cuisine Kathleen

I pulled out my three mini bundts that I had just no extra money to purchase anew one besides living by myself what or whom  am I to bake for?

These are the new Better Homes and Gardens plates I got at Walmart and couldn't resist.Somebody please stop me! 

I used a leaf pattern on the glassware to match with the leaf pattern I have in the plates.I sprayed and floured  my bundt pans and had a real hard time getting the cakes out.

I used green as my neutral color and only wanted a little brown in this table.

and I get it in the brown cord once'd think I would have paid attention to the cord hanging down again DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I gathered my bundts and put them together in a basket with plaid pumpkins(I told you I love plaid for all seasons) and used them for my centerpiece. 
part of my stash of stack-able boxes were brought in here mainly for a different texture than just pumpkins again.

the lacey dessert plate awaiting her delight

Green and orange napkins the charger is brown not purple sorry again about the lite.But the apt is dark to begin with let alone it's been raining for 10 days and everything is dark and gloomy outside. Lets just say and I will admit I am not the best not even a runner up on being a Photographer.

I should of named this post leaves and bundts but wanted to give Kathleen her credit.

so here comes the assembly of my spice towers cake with caramel sauce and mini toffee bits.

 My roomie was traveling and I encouraged her and her boyfriend to eat them on their journey
The spice cake smelled so wonderful baking. My roommate had asked me to do spun sugar over the top of each cake and make it cascade down or sitting with a nest of sugar on top. Due to the high intensity of moisture in the air the sugar collapsed so I made home made caramel sauce in stead.

 I had only made two place settings so only made two cakes (the rest is in the freezer) they are a little bit more than a single cupcake  in size, then a two bite then one biter, but the spice and caramel paired nicely with each other.

A view of the pans from the side 

 the little black  bundt is a new addition I got while killing time to go to my sons wedding back in August

 Hot apple cider has been poured with a mini crisp junior granny smith apple for garnish
It was all about the bundts this week so I haven't given a clue as to what dinner on these plates was going to be,huh let me figure this one out.

 the table and lil bundts sit in all their glory

I added the candy pumpkin and candy corn strictly for photo props and the pumpkin looks like he's leaning south there.Well as always 
I had fun doing this challenge.What kind are you making this year?.What shape what form will yours take?Little bundts,big ones, bread ones ,Christmas Ones?Have fun whatever you decide.join us as we parade our designs,tables, re-creations,makeovers re-dos and link up with so many wonderful gals out there like Susan at Between naps on the porch,Home is where the boat is,Ivy and Elephants, Join the scoop,and so many more,We share our Joys Hardships,worries,we delight in our grands we empower one another and we pray if someone needs us to.I am so blessed to be part of this group thank you my friends.Susie P.s.have a loving joyful blessful week


  1. Gorgeous and WOW looks delicious. You have the best "stuff". Your plates are beautiful. Loved your post, not only your photos but your writings. You are so talented Susie. I love how positive you are. Your friend, Valerie

    1. Hi Valerie thank you for posting .are you joining the Bundt challenge I love when she puts them out there.It makes us work twice as hard coming up with new ideas.Love to you and yours.Susie

  2. Yum! My mouth is watering with your description of the bunt cakes, and how pretty they look all stacked up. I love those plates from Wal Mart.

    1. Laurie thanks for stopping buy. What kind of Bundt are you going to do?. Thank so much for sharing your story My heart ached for you.Hope all is well with your Family.Susie

  3. Very pretty and a great idea!! Your little bundts look delish!!

    1. Hello Cheryl thank you and wishing you and your family a wonderful Happy Thanksgiving .Have a good week.Susie


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