Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Thanksgiving Blessings

Ok It's Thanksgiving this week. I hope all of you get to spend great Quality time with Loved ones near and far. I wish you all safe travel and full bellies of wonderful food.This will be a new and different Thanksgiving for me. I moved here in June and have no family or close friends to celebrate this Holiday with.This has always been the biggest and most important Holiday of the year to me because of the time and richness shared with family. Due to jobs and finances and time restrictions my family can not attend Thanksgiving with me. My roommate and I are going to a local church where hopefully we will get to feed hundreds and I won't be alone.

I set my table with a new set of china I just got from Temp-tations.This is the new silver addition and let me tell you I love it it is stunning and gorgeous.It really adds that sparkle and Wow factor I wanted to achieve.

Even the fine stemware makes an appearance.I have always loved to decorate a beautiful table for Thanksgiving. I get to pull out the fine stuff that we don't get to use the rest of the year. like some heirloom pieces I have had for years. 

Even the sterling napkin rings get to come out and play.

This is a relish dish of Fostoria crystal. they were my mothers from her wedding and I have been only able to save three pieces in all my moves.

My one and only mercury glass pumpkin is foo-fooed up.

Mr Turkey sits proud at the head of the table taking his rightful place.

My olive dish again a treasure from my mom.

Hey I remembered to remove the brown cord YEA

The table lit with candles and ready for food.

Just some added pretties

I love candles on top of mirrors the reflected light is always so much prettier.

I know I am going to get alot of use of these new dishes.I purchased them not because I needed new ones but my only set of good china is starting to like kinda old and worn.And some times the bargains just to good to be true.

I am blessed that I can make pretty tables and put them out there for people to see.That is one of my gifts this year.although I am alone this year I am going to Love on the people at church and adopt them as my new family.

So to everyone out  there in blogland I wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving.Love on your family and friends and then love them some more.Give to your heart is overflowing.Some times giving is the greatest gift we can receive.Not all of us are lucky to have family or friends a home or food.So I count myself Blessed.Hope this week is Blessed for all you my dear friends.Love to all of you .Thank you for being in my Life.Susie


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  2. Susie, Your table is lovely! The new plates are gorgeous. I love the bling effect of silver trimmed china. Crystal and mercury glass are the perfect to complement the silver on the dinnerware.

  3. Candy I can't agree more .this table shouted elegance and bling to me well at least in my mind until I was able to put it together.You know how that is.So good to hear from you I have missed you.Susie


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