Wednesday, November 18, 2015


Thanksgiving is only a week away is everybody ready? all the planning done? the family and friends are already to show up? the table has been cleaned and linens ironed and the glasses are sparkly and silver all polished?

My new napkin rings that represent a plate fork ,knife and spoon aren't they cute? it was found in a junk bag at the thrift store  for .25 cents each.

I wanted the soup tureen to be the centerpiece but realized I hadn't put out any Turkey decor so I am switching centerpieces half way thru this tablescape.

I used dried hydrangeas I picked only they were so magnificently  pink and dried to a purple stage.very interesting why didn't they dry Pink?

I used my Johnson plates and opted out for no tablecloth.I thought the beauty of the wood on the table should shine thru.

I'll let the pics just describe themselves

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving .There is nothing more special than to be surrounded by the ones you love the most.I won't be spending Thanksgiving with anyone. My family lives to far away and we all have to work the day after. so I will be volunteering at a local food Kitchen. There is always someone worse off than  we are.

I am switching out the Pumpkin soup tureen for a turkey centerpiece. 

I think it fits better and now the turkey reigns supreme on the table

So stuff you self with lots of wonderful food and fill your hearts and homes with Love in abundance. this is truly a day to count our blessings.Please say a prayer for those who have no food  .Seattle has a huge homeless population and it is so sad to see so many like this.I wish you all a wonderful day and send my Love to all of you.Happy early Thanksgiving.Susie

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