Monday, March 3, 2014

Strawberry fields

Where I live in Southern California we are about 25 miles away from the biggest strawberry farms in the entire USA. Strawberries are abundant pretty much year round but

especially this time of the year are they at their best.

I knew I wanted to make a tablescape using red dots ever since I found this wrapping paper over Christmas.

And when these beauties appeared I wanted to make one right away. I had to pack up my St Patrick's Day decor and

 re-decorate with lots of red polka dots,but the real neat thing was finding these adorable little strawberry

plates at Home Goods last week.So I said goodbye to the green of Ireland and

got very excited to get started with this red set.These are two cake slices I got at Michael's  using a 40% coupon off and came to at $1.49 each

they are in the ceramic section so I bought them home and painted them with red strawberries on top.I have this red strawberry plate I put them on(clearance at Ross for 98 cents).

The set of plates came as a four pack two red plates and two green.

Dollar tree had the cutest red polka dotted glasses.I purchased the cake napkins on eBay(Come on I'm a Pastry Chef aren't they the sweetest things you ever decorated your napkins with?)

The white napkins are satin and a clearance from Home Goods for $1.29 for all four and I teamed them up with red dotted fat corners from Walmart. I used my Valentin's Day red chargers but could not find the plates of red polka dots that I was  seeking so I bought clear ones and Modge-Podged them with paper napkins.

I love using the glass beads for so many decorating ideas and they are great for quick little cover ups like when the human eye can  not pick up a stain on a white tablecloth but Oh does the camera see them.

This plate has the green trim, love the tiny dots on the bowl.

add some candle holders for a little height.

All set up and ready for us to eat

Should we have breakfast ,lunch or brunch? See that tiny blue strip on the left side that is the blue light  you get but can't see only the cameras see it.These were taken about six fifteen last night. I see it on everybody else's pictures but have never captured it till now so Cool.

 Or we could just skip to desserts My favorite time

ok I am getting hungry and want to eat these strawberries

Well hope you like my red dots and love strawberries like I do . Have a great day.


  1. Spring and strawberries just go together like a hand and a glove. I love the little strawberry plates and the "homemade" polka dot plates. Very cute!! The cake wedges from HG are so cute too. I still have not done a table for St Pat's Day. I will be working on that this weekend. The blog world is about two to four weeks ahead of the rest of the world for holiday decorating. In Ohio it is still going below zero at night. Hard to think of spring when you are freezing.


  2. How cute is this? I love it. I am so in the mood for spring, what I wouldn't give to see a strawberry field instead of snow outside my window. Thanks for stopping by my blog too!

  3. Thanks so much for your visit and sweet comments.

    I love your strawberry table. Lucky you to have fresh strawberries so close all year long!

    Your napkin rings are adorable.

    - Alma, The Tablescaper

  4. What a sweet table. It is so adorable. I love the strawberry theme. I have been on the hunt for plates with a strawberry theme but I have not had any luck. Yours are just lovely. Thanks for visiting my blog. I do appreciate your sweet comment.



I appreciate your comments and critiques. Thank you so much.