Saturday, March 22, 2014

cobalt and white

Hi fellow bloggers I am joining Kathleen @ Cuisine Kathleen in doing a cobalt blue and white tablescape.


 She recently did a table  and asked us to do a bird theme table. It seems I did them in reverse order.

I too love the pops of color the blue brings out. For years I have collected(oh no not another collection?) little pieces of cobalt blue but never doing anything with them together until now. I was at my local IKEA store and they had cobalt blue candles.They have such a variety of candle colors.

Then my idea for a table started coming together. There are only two of us so I don't need to buy six or eight or even four of anything.

So when shopping at thrift stores or antique stores I always look out for two pieces with cobalt on them.

Like pretty bowls and wine goblets. These cute little cake plates I made for a catering event(I had to make 35 little individual mini cupcake stands)

The little bottles came with scented oils in them, the tablecloth was five yards of fabric from Walmart for $.50 clearance a yard.

I love the cobalt dark marbles  like  a girls jewelry accessory.


 Found the blue coffee and  creamer at an antique shop that was closing

these little blue pieces to the left of the bowl have been sitting in a shadow box for years(shop your house first for little add ons)

 IKEA chargers boy are these things versatile

I made distressed candle holders that someone shared in Blog land I forget who but thank you for the tip.

let's light  these candles and have a real dinner.

 Hope you have a great weekend and enjoy this first weekend of Spring.


  1. all of the blue elements.

  2. Susie, I love all of the lovely cobalt elements of this pretty table. The tablecloth you made from the Walmart closeout material is just delightful as a background for the rest of your tablescape. Very pretty!


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