Wednesday, February 26, 2014

My First Mardi Gras

this is my very first Mardi Gras ever. I have never decorated for this event but wanted to try after seeing Alma;s Tablescaper ans Cuisine Kathleen these table queens challenged my creative ideas so here is what I came up with.I know I did two posts in one night after the first one about three weeks before the second one is due but I wanted to join the linky parties right away.This little cake plate  I made has a Fleur Di Lis pattern perfect I thought for Mardi Gras Also I have little cake charms that hang from cake plates these are party theme, champagne bottle, balloons,bubbles and hats.

It is a double tiered cake plate I don't own anything in gold but felt this was significant in itself,with the help of lots of beads

 tea lite holders well nobody wanted them so they offered to come home with me Could I refuse?
I won these party sparkle plates on Ebay and thought they would look great for this table design.

Here is my glam silver mask I wore.Odd shaped lacey glasses and flowers from Trader Joes's with the most glorious color roses of orange with raspberry trim

they were so pretty when they opened up.the bead are behind the eye sockets but it looks like some beads are peeking thru like eyeballs

I will buy more flowers from Trader Joe's I will say this like a chant

I made this on my Island. Hubby wanted  to leave it up for a while he loved the colors.

Add don't they dance all night?

Purple and gold the colors of riches

                                                                     Lit by candle lite a touch of whimsy in the air
Well I hope you like my first Mardi Gras and enjoy yours,


  1. Love this! Your colors are perfect, love all the beads and masks. Wonderful...

  2. I'm with your husband...I love the colors that you've used in your vibrant Mardi Gras tablescape, too. You've created a great design that captures not only the quickly identifiable colors of Mardi Gras, but also the vibrant, enthusiastic spirit that I always identify with the participants in New Orleans. Job well done! Thanks for inviting us for a peek. Cherry Kay

    1. I am so excited for your comment thank you. this was my very first Mardi Gras, now I can look forward to doing it again next year.Susie


I appreciate your comments and critiques. Thank you so much.