Thursday, July 7, 2016

Just pink because

Wow the 4th is already behind us.I can't believe how fast this year has gone by. I was sitting there enjoying my 4th of July celebration table having dinner with two coworkers when I got asked what's your next table gonna be I said I didn't know yet.

Some times we don't need a holiday or a theme to want to just play with our dishes.Sometimes something just pulls at us to create with whatever we have.


 what this table did..I didn't want to think what theme am I gonna come up with what pretend table can I set now?

I just wanted to create something pretty just because.I had everything right here in my apt nothing new was needed or purchased.just pretty in pink

A pretty pink teapot and pink depression glass sugar and creamer
pink glassware and lacey wineglasses

A table for fun

Pretty little delicate floral tea cups on pretty pink depression plates

pretty no matter how you look at it. no philosofy this week just pure eye candy.

beads are scattered through out

Teapot sits atop a rose cake plate waiting to be poured.

Jewels under glass so classy looking.

The light hits this glass and it is so beautiful.

Such sweetness in this pot

Pearls and hearts oh JOY

this was my first piece of waterford crystal I ever purchased this tray

pretty basket of pink roses I got at a thrift store months ago.

Just a table for the fun of theme no bday,no holiday just because day.

Do you ever have a day that you just want to play at your table and have fun?do you just want to put out your dishes and have FUN with them.? well lets do that every now and then.have a great week LOVE SUSIE.

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  1. Beautiful china. Have a great week. Blessings, Martha


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