Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Its Beachy time

Well it's that time of the year when I turn my entire apt over to the beachy scene.Granted I live hours from the beach (except my own spot I go to to several times a week but basically that's just the Puget sound not the Ocean)

Hello everybody Happy Summer to all of you. It has been so mild here in Seattle we haven't experienced summer yet at all.Very mild temps in the low to mid 70's nothing like the heat waves everybody else is going thru.

I decided to go with a seahorse theme.I had the plates, found these great seahorse glasses at 60 percent off at TJMaxx for only 99 cents each. I 've had the candle holders for a while too.

The coral plate and candles and tons of shells and driftwood I; ve had in bowls and jars all over my apt for years.They all came out to play at the table

I love the seagrass mats from dollar tree they are the perfect color.

These colors always evoke such a cool feeling in me.I know that is why pretty much everyone uses this color scheme for the summer.It makes us think of tropical Islands and waters of turqouse blue,of swimming with shells and dolphins in sun kissed waters

The runner looks like a wave of water ran down the center of my table

Starfish, seahorse,octopus and crab plates just shout SUMMER is here.

I was raised near Point Pleasant NJ and we were always near the water. Summer meant endless hours at the beach suntanning ,swimming till it was time to go to bed,never wearing shoes( i love plates hate  hate hate shoes)boardwalks ,rides, humidity,sweating,looking all nice and bronzed,crab bakes in the back yard,laughter with friends and days that never ended.

So I tried to capture that feeling of summer here.Shell napkins and driftwood just washed ashore

I remember the saltiness in the air and the freedom we had of not getting on a school bus every morning.The long days of setting crab pots filled with chicken necks thrown into the lagoon in anticipation of tonight's dinner.

Of walking the beach after a storm or Hurricane and finding treasures in seaglass or starfish washed ashore,or really nice perfect seashells found on the beach.

Of running into the house for huge glasses of iced tea or lemonade to quench our thirsts.

Or making seabouys out of glass and macrame ties

Well my table is set with so many memories of summers bygone.Now I am an adult and summer consists of working days and dreaming about walks on the beach and looking for shells.

But the colors are sure pretty and I can sure enjoy coming home to this everyday, It's very soothing and serene.And if it invokes memories of youth and wonderful Summer days.

Then that's alright too.I really miss the tan glow that would last for months and carry us thru almost till winter drab set in.
So I think I 'll keep the beach look up for awhile it brings so many Joyful memories.Even my Cassie wanted to check it out

Doesn't the turquoise just POP  against the white Hutch?

I wish you all a Happy Summer week.Hope you all are well .Stay cool if you can and sit back and follow some of the blogs out there.they will truly inspire you for recipes,decorating and ideas how you can dress your home too,.like Between Naps on the Porch,, May Days,Funky Junk Interiors, Home is Where the Boat is and so many more. Sign up with us and you could follow them all too.Take care have fun ,make memories that are special to you this summer. Love Susie


  1. What a great beach table! I love all the aqua accents, and those seahorse glasses are amazing. Love the placemats, too - I may have to stop at Dollar Tree tomorrow and see if I can find something like that. Enjoy the summer glow!

    1. Hi Joy Happy Summer I'm so glad you stopped by. Isn't decorating for summer fun? are you in a heat wave? I wish Seattle would see some heat.Have agreat week.Susie

  2. SUSIE, THe Aqua is very Summery and brings back Memories for you and your Youthful Friends. Susie a very beautiful Table, ROY

    1. Wait to you see it for yourself.Its so nice up here.Love Susie

  3. Hi Susie, I am joining you on Tablescape Thursday today. I love your beach theme, I'm missing it too. Your coral plates are such a beautiful contrast with the white and turquoise. I also really like the quilted looking tablecloth you used too. Very pretty!

  4. Hi Mary thank you for stopping by.How's your summer going so far? Are you like the rest of the country sweltering in a heat wave? Seattle has just now realized it is supposed to be in summer season.For the first time this summer we are in the low 80's yea. So that calls out the beach in me.have a great week.Love Susie

  5. Amazing table and decor in the background. All of your dishes are so beautiful together. What a peaceful color pallet. The goblets are beautiful! Your flatware is adorable, I have never seen that design before and I love it! Love, Valerie

  6. Hi Valerie I always love when you stop by your comments always make my day hope your summer is going well.Love Susie


I appreciate your comments and critiques. Thank you so much.