Friday, July 1, 2016

4th of July 2016

Happy 4th of July and Happy Summer to all of you in Blogland.I love to use Red white and Blue.And as I have stated before I don't have an outdoor space that I can use for my table so just have to make do with I got.

I wanted a BBQ feeling so went with a checkered tablecloth plastic tumblers and denim napkin holders

Star cake plate and the other cake plate is filled with Americana charms. Flags and stars and stripes abound around here

Going to friends for a potluck BBQ and we will be able to see Fireworks right from their home.I'm going to make assorted desserts, maybe red white and blue dipped strawberries, pasta salad .Yep that's the plan

Last year at this time Seattle was in a major heat wave with temps close to mid nineties, this year we are way behind and lucky to only see 75 mark .Crazy for the first of July.I see temps all over the states where I know certain places where alot of you reside, Georgia, North Carolina, New Jersey, and Utah and Texas and it seems like you are all sweltering while we are still in Spring mode.

It's kinda hard to get in the summer groove when Mother Nature is just not cooperating.I hope you all have a wonderful Fun filled Safe Holiday weekend.

Please be careful with Fireworks and sparklers and make sure the Littles are safe and don't get hurt.

Enjoy your BBQ's, backyard family time, games and celebrating the Freedom of our Country.
Happy 4th of July to all of you.Sorry my photos are not the best didn;t know the camera part of my phone had broken so it makes the pics blurry.I'm sorry about the pics not being very good I didn't know my camera on my phone was broke and had to get new phone.I'm gonna swing by Between Naps on the Porch and any other Link up site to post this.Love Hard this week.Run thru the sprinklers for me .Love Susie


  1. I love your RW&B table and all your plates, specially the dot ones.
    Have fun at your friend's BBQ in such a lovely spring weather; I so rather then the very hot, sunny type.
    Enjoy to the fullest your 4th. of July weekend.

    1. thanks Fabby for stopping by.haven't heard from you in a while.hope you have a wonderful 4th of July.Love Susie

  2. The fourth of july colors are beautiful as always,good job SUSIE love your table. ROY

    1. thanks Roy wishing you could see it in person.Love Susie

  3. Happy 4th Susie, everything looks and sounds festive! Red white and blue strawberries are sure to be a big hit and 75 sounds divine, we are 95!

  4. Oh Jenna thank you for stopping by. it landed up raining here and temp never got above 62 pretty chilly for July. the strawberries and other desserts were a big hit.I didn't stay around for the fireworks show 3am comes awful early and I had to get up for work the next day.hope your 's was great.Love Susie


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