Sunday, March 6, 2016

Spring is Showing

Hello everybody, boy has my table been making some fast changes lately between posting for St Patrick's Day then getting it ready for Spring and Easter it has kept me busy.I hope everyone is well and the bugs of sickness that were going around have either moved on to another planet or died out completely.

A bird cage landed on my table and several birds had made their nests in it. It seemed like the birds were all a flutter about the excitement that Spring is so close.

I have these adorable thrift store finds of Spring time plates with different birds on each one. I matched each plate with the same bird in its own nest.

Even the hummingbirds joined in for the flurry of Spring. My son had given these candlestick holders years ago to me.

The chargers are rattan and look like bird nests to me.

See a little sparrow to mimic the one on the plate.

I don't know the kinds of birds these are I just called them orange breasted something or other.

I purchased some yellow daisies to match the ones on this plate.Yea spring flowers are coming out.You wouldn't believe all the daffodils that are blooming here.How do flowers and trees bloom where there  hasn't been any nor enough rain? they must be so seasoned they know when to grow despite that they are water logged

Even a baby hummingbird wanted in on the  action

I love Spring when everything is reborn or rebloomed after a boring dull and dreary winter

A yellow bird came a calling

I'm so excited to see pops of color everywhere Even with the rain we have had here in Seattle this is going to be a spectacular Spring.The cherry trees are blooming everywhere and let me tell you Mother Nature pulls out all stops when it comes to color  Shows here. Just stunning.So when ever I am driving I pull out the cell phone and take pics of pops of color anywhere I see them .half the time they are taken thru car window so don't judge me for not being great .Just enjoy the color .I have never seen this shade of pink before in a tree.WOW

Whole street of PINK I'm in heaven

White,pink, yellow, dark green grass and the aged gray of the fence.Gorgeous.

White trees everywhere someone told me they are Pear trees ?Don't know just that they are awesome.

Camillia trees in full color red bloom another WOW

I have no idea what this is except lush and beautiful. So as we get closer to the beauty we are about to see in the next coming weeks and months, stop and take a pic with your cell phone just random pics .I guarantee what you see this week will be different next week.Then post them at the blog parties.Join us for some very pleasant Spring eye candy from blooms to crafts to food idea to things to improve your home.We have it all in blogs like Between Naps On the Porch, Design Enthusiasm,Home is where the Boat is, Purple Chocolate Home, May Days and so many more . get out there and play in puddles and give yourself a case of the giggles it will lift your spirits.Or better yet go skip down your sidewalk.Pure JOY.have a great week .Love Susie


  1. SUSIE, Lots of Color Again, the bird display was really eye catching, great table scape. ROY

  2. Roy you just have to see it with your own eyes it's magical here in Seattle.come soon.Love Susie

  3. Susie, those Springtime plates are so pretty. A perfect table setting to welcome Spring. Your photos are great.

    1. Oh Laurie thank you so much for commenting coming from you that is quite an honor I am such a fan of your blog.Love Susie

  4. Susie - Pat just called me and told me to look at your blog. She said that the table is so sweet!! She is right. What a great job. If you see that centerpiece on one of our tables in the future, you'll know where we got the idea.....Katie

    1. Hi Girls How's
      Humboldt county is it raining as much as here? I love your guys blogs and want to come to your home just to see your stashes of plates I'll probably drool for hours.thanks for stopping Susie


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