Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Some Bunny Loves You

Easter is coming so I had to re do the hutches boy has my apt seen some table scape changes in a very short time

Even the mantel had to have a re-do and here I let bunnies and lambs have a field day together.Nothing says Easter more to me than the Rebirth of Jesus and  all the new life that comes forth from flowers and trees blooming than new born animals coming to life.

I can't believe Easter is only a week away how did this month go by so fast? Hello everybody did you all get thru St Patrick's Day only to turn around and redecorate right away with Easter?

Bunnies and blooms oh my

This pair are happy Easter is here they are all set with their shovel and basket  of potted eggs

Everybody is so excited with the anticipation of Spring coming

The animals can't wait for longer days of sunshine, of fragrant flowers of green grasses.

We're all so excited to experience this wonderful time of year.

After redecorating the mantel I moved on to the rest of the apt and made Spring welcome everywhere in my place.

The hutch is filled with Easter eggs and chicks with flowers blooming and birds nests, all the signs of spring are coming thru.

even the cake plate wanted in on all the excitement and begged to get decorated too

Tea cups are filled with grass and eggs and birds are singing everywhere.

chicks are breaking out of their eggs to join us.

Bunnies and flowers are springing up too

Even chocolate eggs have emerged

Tiny little Bunny napkin rings waiting the big day when they get to be used

Easter bowls filled with goodies for baskets

The bakers rack is set and awaiting the big Event

This hutch says Spring is Here and I Am Happy

This one says bring it on I m ready to Celebrate

This bunny plate can't wait to grace the table with delicious treats for Easter. What are you doing for Easter and the arrival of Spring? Are you excited as I am? Is it beautiful where you live with everything blooming and sprouting with new life? Don't you just love the time of year? I know I do/ come join us as we celebrate all things Easter and Spring at Between Naps on the Porch, Confessions of f a Serious  do it Your selfer, Bargain Decorating, Painted Apron , May Days and  so many more. Let the Joy and Renewal of Life seep deep with in you and may you all have a wonderful week.Love Susi


  1. Your post is adorable, filled with so much Easter cuteness. Somehow I missed the St. Patricks Day decor, but wishing you happy holidays for both. Visiting from the blog crawl. :)

    1. Hi Pam thanks for stopping by .It seems St Patrick's Day and Spring and now Easter are just flying by this month.No wonder we miss them. I haven't done this many changes in my decor ever. Hope you have agreat week Happy Spring.Love Susie

  2. Susie your bunnies were very cute and all the eggs,i know you love every holiday so keep posting. ROY

    1. Roy I wish you could see it up here it really is a sight for the eyes.Love Susie

  3. You have many cute Easter bunnies!

    1. Marigene thank you for your sweet comment don't you just love Easter Bunnies and all Spring has to offer us? Love Susie

  4. Your bunnies are so cute, and such happy colors for Spring!

    1. Thank you for your comment.Spring is all about All colors don't you think? Especially when the world around us is being so filled with such rainbows of color this Spring.Happy Spring to you.Love Susie

  5. Susi. I think you linked the wrong post to the St. Patrick's Day party?

    1. Kathleen I'm sorry if I linked up the wrong post I thought for sure I had entered Luck Of The Irish.I have been waiting months for your challenge.I know that is what the link said.Love Susie


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